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Coffee protects against cirrhosis

Кофе защищает от цирроза печени

The researchers from Southampton University have found another argument in favor of moderate consumption of coffee. They found that the risk of development of cirrhosis is reduced by almost half, if every day to drink two cups of coffee. This was reported by the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

The reliability of the results is confirmed by the survey of 432 thousand people, conducted over 20 years. It turned out that drinking coffee more effectively in the fight against the prevention of deadly disease than starinova therapy in cardiovascular diseases. The risk of cirrhosis is reduced by 44%, the risk of death is halved.

However scientists have been unable to establish the reasons for this action of coffee on the liver. Perhaps this is due to the presence in the beverage of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that may provide additional protection.

Coffee counteracts not only cirrhosis, but also reduces the risk of liver disease as diabetes of the 2nd type and hepatitis.

Cirrhosis has been considered an irreversible disease, but researchers do not assume responsibility directly to recommend coffee drinking as a therapeutic agent to clinical trials.

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