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Cheer for our 40 thousand rubles

Поболеть за наших за 40 тысяч рублей

On Wednesday at the box office of the ice Palace and VTB Moscow will host all the matches of the upcoming world hockey championship, they started selling single tickets. There, in the “Park of Legends”, in whose territory the arena, was inaugurated a stele with the countdown of time remaining until the start of the event (we will remind, tournament will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 6 to 22 may). The ceremony was attended by President of Federation of hockey of Russia Vladislav Tretyak and Executive Director “Park of Legends” Alexei Kasatonov.

Generally ticketing programme is quite expensive. For example, in Moscow where the team will play Russia, the cheapest tickets are category 3 for group matches will cost 1875 rubles. Similar category to the quarterfinal stage is already 4875 rubles. The ticket price of the second category in the group stage matches is 3 thousand rubles, and for the quarterfinals — 6750. The first category is already 4.5 thousand rubles, and 8250, respectively. While regular tickets for both semi-finals, match for third place and the finals at the box office anymore. To get to the decisive game, only buying one package (36 750 rubles for the third category, 48 750 for the second, 60 750 for first). Another option is to turn to speculators.

— A guy I know had to buy a ticket for the world Cup finals for 150 thousand roubles, — said Tretiak. — Speculators to fight hard. And Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR) is unable to deal with them. We gave the tickets to the ticket office — there are engaged in the implementation. People love hockey, and speculators use it. No idea what I can do.

Meanwhile already there are reports that it’s bad it sells tickets for the matches that do not involve the Russian national team. In particular, it showed the first sale in St. Petersburg, where they started on 6 March. Concern was expressed by the international ice hockey Federation (IIHF) at the recent Council, where Russian officials reported on the preparations for the world Cup. However, on Wednesday the head of the Russian hockey Federation said that the problem will be solved in a natural way.

It is known that people prefer to buy tickets at the last moment, — said Tretiak. — Therefore we do not despair. Ice Palace “Jubilee” in St. Petersburg is small, and we just fill in. In Moscow, too, all the matches probably will take place in front of full stadium. A lot of people already wants to hockey. You know from experience: coming soon mobile phone will be switched off, because people are constantly calling, asking for tickets for the world Cup. One only Zapashny (Edgard Zapashny, Director General of the Great Moscow state circus on Vernadsky Prospekt. — “The news”) asked 150 tickets. Probably, all of his circus wants to bring on the hockey. Together with the animals.

Meanwhile, tickets for all matches of team Russia (group stage and at a successful deal – the quarterfinals, semifinals, finals) will cost at least 40 thousand rubles. This fact has caused outrage not only ordinary fans, but also among politicians. Not the most affluent citizens can hardly afford to go on such an expensive hockey. In turn, Tretiak denied allegations that FHR throw up their pictures, saying that they were approved by the IIHF and are consistent with international standards. According to him, now the tickets are the same as at the last world Championships in the Czech Republic.

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