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700 million of budget money “pissed away”

700 миллионов бюджетных денег "пустили на ветер"

April 8 Junior team of Russia on hockey went to the American Grand Fox, where from 14 to 24 April will take place the world championship among juniors (under 18 years). Only eight days before the start of the tournament and the day before departure the team born in 1998 and earlier was suddenly replaced by players 1999. Of the former there were only four people and added a hockey player born 2000. Has also been replaced by the coaching staff. Instead of Vitali Prokhorov overseas team lucky Sergey Golubovich. The last one is the coach the juniors born in 1999.

As rolled “the project Prokhorov”

An interesting picture emerges. A year ago, the strongest juniors in the country gathered under one “roof” in the training Center name of Tikhonov. In order to prepare well and perform at the world Cup. Many clubs had resigned to send their promising players under the created project. Only Chelyabinsk “Tractor” sent in this command five of their students. Then they said a lot of big words that hockey players at this age need to play, develop, not “sour” on the bench in the clubs or to play in some Junior tournaments. And here the newly made team included in the Youth hockey League (MHL) where hockey players are under 21. That is, people the whole season played in a serious tournament, was played, looked, by the way, not bad at all, occupying a high place in the results of the regular championship. However, out of the playoffs flew fast enough. Under this project, there were no less than 700 million (!) rubles of budget money. And suddenly before the departure of the team is changing for a younger. Is the statement that for journalists “open day”. And hockey players and coaching staff who have prepared the whole season and expected the victory, went home.

And at the same time in the media, including in “SP” reported that more than half of the players (16 of 30) had taken WADA banned from 1 January 2016 the drug Mildronate, Meldonium colloquially.

Position FHR

When the first information about the scandalous situation, reinforced by the words of a mentor of young men Vitali Prokhorov that neither he nor the team at the youth championship of the world not coming, appeared in the media, the President of Federation of hockey of Russia Vladislav Tretyak called “rumors and speculation” reports that the players of the Junior national team of Russia failed the test of Meldonium.

“Surprised by the intense discussion of rumours and speculation on the Junior national team. Approval of the composition of the team is the prerogative of the ice hockey Federation” — said the legendary ex-goalkeeper “SP”.

And added that the change of composition due to “tactical considerations”.

This interpretation has angered many, including well-known veterans. As always harsh and peremptory was the expert, “SP”, two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov, who burst into an emotional monologue.

Wonder why in FHR do not say openly what happened? The team trained for a long time, spent a lot of public money. Tretiak “invented” that is a tactical substitution. Why then do we spend the state money? Then who’s responsible? We’re taking on the world Cup of hockey a year younger. And tell them where to put the whole team 1998 year of birth? Who will give answers to all these questions? FHR — is that a secret closed organization like the FBI?! I believe that you need to ask FHR for all their actions. And first of all from Tretiak. He asked not to spread rumors and not to think anything. Then why he encourages these rumours dismissed? Vladislav Aleksandrovich tells everywhere that he directs the work of all teams. Though the answer now. Who changed the tactics? Why? Why the whole season has prepared the team, and now she’s not going? Turns out the whole season was wrong? I think Tretyak is long overdue to retire. What does he do for the development of hockey in the country? We have had problems with children’s hockey, and they are still not solved! Vladislav Aleksandrovich appears in humans and is energetically promoting itself only when our teams win, and for example, when at the last world Championships in the final we defeated the Canucks — 6:1, Tretiak simply disappeared from journalists.

Bewilderment this reaction is the main hockey organization in the country caused and famous former hockey player and coach, and now the first Deputy Chairman of Committee of Federation Council on social policy Vyacheslav Fetisov, who said the journalist, “SP”:

– From the mouth of such a great hockey player in the past, as Tretiak funny to hear the assertion that we had the right to replace players at the last moment. I do not understand his position as the President of Federation of hockey of Russia. Why did the leaders of the Russian sports not bothered to see how long the drug is excreted from the body?! When I walked into the Board of the world antidopingovoe Agency (WADA), no similar problems.

In addition, famous in the past defender of the USSR believes that no one thought about the psychological blow that was dealt to the young players.

— On the one hand, the boys who will go to the world Cup, may be given a chance to prove themselves. But for those who had to go and not go is a tragedy. Especially at such a young age, — summed up Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich.

The new position

After all these questions, statements (joined the case even the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, who said that FHR should explain the situation), the Federation of hockey of Russia on the evening of April 8 released an official press release, which reads as follows:

“Preparation “Mildronate” used by players of the training Center. Tikhonov as prescribed by physicians to protect the heart muscle at high loads in the competitive period. Delivery of the drug was carried out officially through the Federal medical-biological Agency. After making mildronata in the list of drugs prohibited by world anti-doping Agency in the fall of 2015 this drug hockey was discontinued.

To date, these are the world’s leading laboratories show that the timing of the elimination of the drug from the body can significantly exceed the time specified in the official description. In addition, a number of scientists put forward the hypothesis that unpredictable wave-like change in the concentration of the drug in the analysis of the athletes according to the physical loads, stresses etc., the Final unity of positions and opinions among scientists on this issue” – informs official site FHR.

After further lengthy discussion about what FHR stands for “the principle of purity in sport”, is a summary:

“In view of the above, for reasons of protection of rights of young athletes, and in consultation with the Ministry of sport of the Russian hockey Federation it was decided to change the composition of the Junior team”.

Thus, the Federation recognizes that, at least, a doubt in the same “clean” their athletes are.

Why waited until the end?

And the question immediately arises: if there were doubts in terms of this most boring of all the teeth of Meldonium, why the decision to replace players not accepted, for example, in January — February? Then it would be done and the new lineup to gel, and it would be much less. Most likely, the situation was as follows. As it became known “SP”, a couple of days before the “day of open doors”, in the center Tikhonova, our medics took the doping test for the hockey players. And the results were sad. Similar, illegal drug was taken until recently. These samples were taken quietly, as FHR previously stated that they do not have the right to take samples without the participation and approval of WADA. And not to “swoop” at the world Championships, decided to go the extra mile and replace the part. That regulation is in principle not prohibited

Where is the money?

In the last hours has started to actively discuss how they perform the update command, so even with the difference in year in the Junior world championship. Someone says that the age difference is inconsequential, and the Russian team will be in the top three, someone, on the contrary, predicts a complete failure. But that’s not the point. People are trying to divert from the main topic: what will happen to the children 1998 year of birth and coaching staff? Now who will be responsible for spending the budget money? If to call things by their proper names, can I ask the lyrics of Vladimir Vysotsky: “Where money, Zin?”. Only the name should be changed.

These questions took to answer the first Vice-President FHR Roman Rotenberg. Commenting on the fate of coach Vitaly Prokhorov and his work with the national team of Russia of 1998 year of birth, he said that his destiny will be decided by the Board of the hockey Federation of Russia. As for whether it was true that this team spent 700 million rubles of budget money and who is responsible for it, Rothenberg replied laconic and predictable:

— We do not comment on rumors and disinformation.


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