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Cellulite: food, effectively burn subcutaneous fat

Борьба с целлюлитом: продукты, эффективно сжигающие подкожный жирTo get rid of cellulite and improve the skin condition by using certain products.

Ugly lumpy skin on the thighs, legs, abdomen and arms, often called “orange peel”. To deal with cellulite by means of one only exercise will not work, have to completely revise your diet to destroy subcutaneous fat, moisturize the skin and give it elasticity, writes the chronicle.Info with reference to the Correspondent.

If to fight cellulite holistically, that is, to connect the sport, diet and massage, then the result will not keep itself waiting. Nutritionists say that a list of the following products helps to saturate the skin with oxygen, nourish it with vitamins and minerals, burn fat and flatten the top layer of skin, causing the “orange peel” will not be over:

1. Parsley. Is green, this is responsible for the stabilization of metabolism and increase metabolism, this means that the body will come out toxins and excess fat will not have time to be delayed.

2. Avocado. Considered to be the most useful berry, which has in its composition of essential fatty acids, which have beneficial effect on the digestive system. With avocado you can get rid of constipation that may occur during the process of toxicity in the body that instantly appears on the skin in addition to rashes can appear cellulite.

3. Turmeric. This seasoning enriches any dish with beneficial microelements, moreover, turmeric fights fat layers, destroying them and preventing new growth.

4. Garlic. For bad breath after eating garlic can not be ignored, knowing that it cleanses the body from harmful substances, and strengthens the immune system.

5. Apples and Apple cider vinegar. It is known that the acid contained in apples, is able to break down fats, which will lead to the smoothing of the skin, loss extra pounds, good metabolism and lack of cellulite.

All of the above products you need to make in your daily diet, together they will act on the body in a positive way and will allow you to get rid of cellulite.


Do not forget to drink about two liters of water per day, otherwise moisturize the skin you will not succeed, cellulite is formed just on dry, aging skin.

Approximate menu for the day:

Breakfast: coffee, sandwich — 1 bread and avocado paste, which can be a bit of salt.

Second Breakfast: 1 egg, hard-boiled, and a green Apple.

Lunch: chicken fillet, steamed or baked in the oven with garlic, 1-2 potatoes, spiced with turmeric, and cucumber.

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with berries yogurt with no additives.

Dinner: a fresh salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and dill. To fill this salad can be vegetable oil and Apple cider vinegar.

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