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Breakthrough: Russia has developed a drug against aging

Scientists Altai state University (ASU) has developed a drug that allows the body to produce its own stem cells to renew tissues and maintain them in a biologically younger state.

Прорыв: в России разработали препарат от старения

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This was stated by Director of the Institute of Biomedicine of the ASU Ivan Smirnov in his interview to RIA “Novosti”. Scientists at the University for two years working on substance – a substance which will form the basis drug of youth.

“We are developing anti-aging products to regenerate bone marrow after chemotherapy in cancer patients, hepatoprotector to support the liver, drugs for women’s health. At the core of all drugs is the development, which has hepatoprotective activity, slowing the aging process, prevent age-related diseases,” – said Smirnov.

The researchers tested the drug on laboratory mice and was pleased with the result. “Now the substance that looks like powder. The future of the drug can be several forms of application: as inside in the form of tablets or as a cream or gel for treatment of wounds and abrasions, which instantly tightened”, – said Smirnov.

According to him, in the ASU laboratories and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. The Russians are trying to get to the list of people willing to test the substance on its own, but it is prohibited by law.

Before the release of the finished product scientists still have a lot of work. Become the drug drug or cosmetic agent, will decide in two years. It’s possible that “elixir of youth” will appear on pharmacy shelves, has concluded Smirnov.


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