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Avid gamers changes the structure of the brain

У заядлых геймеров меняется структура мозга

As it turned out, gamers have a somewhat different structure of the brain. Relevant research conducted by the scientists from the US, which warned the public that gambling can serve as a prerequisite for insanity. Some time later, the structure of the brain of gamers is slowly changing and not in the best party.

Increased dependence on computer games leads to the fact that a person’s thoughts almost always revolve around this theme. This situation leads to violations of the psyche.

Avid gamers really can not move away from computer monitors for several days. Many of them are not distracted or even just to eat or get a drink of water. In connection with this circumstance there is the dehydration, which inevitably follows a hospital bed.

Scientists have indicated that at some point unmanageable gamers just can’t tell the difference between real life and game, which they began to actually live. It is in this confused state of consciousness these people are likely to commit murder, not even fully realizing the fatality was done. For them, it’s just one of the game’s levels.

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