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Astronomers on Mars, snow, Jupiter storm

Астрономы: на Марсе бывает снег, а на Юпитере – штормAccording to the statement officials of the space Agency NASA, Mars and Jupiter are such weather phenomena, like storms and snow.

Scientists spoke about the changes that occur on Mars and Jupiter.

From the red planet came the pictures of the first snow of carbon dioxide. To capture this unusual phenomenon managed apparatus MRO, and photos published by NASA experts.

Photos with the snow a bluish hue managed to get the HiRISE camera at the end of March. This snow is different from our usual, because it is the particles of frozen carbon dioxide. It is from this gas is 95% the atmosphere of Mars. And when the temperature drops below -120 C, the carbon dioxide begins to evolve into hardened ice particles, falling on the planet’s surface. The greatest amount of snow usually at the poles of Mars.

Scientists from the space research Institute said that for about 15 years they are able to observe the formation of snow cover at the poles of the planet. According to experts, Mars snowflakes are more like the dust that settles on our planet.

But on Jupiter, say astronomers from the European southern Observatory, stormy. They managed to obtain images of the gas giant in the thermal and optical ranges. To do this, scientists have taken advantage of the telescope VLT (Very Large Telescope) in Chile.

At the first stage specialists made around a hundred images, of which they formed a single dynamic image of the planet. To learn more about storms that take place on Jupiter, scientists hope in the summer of this year. 4 Jul to Jupiter will arrive NASA’s “Juno.” It will collect information about the core of this planet, and the storms on its surface.

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