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Astronomers have discovered the formation of the Solar system

Астрономы выяснили, как зарождалась Солнечная системаAstronomers were able to solve the riddle of the origin of the Solar system.

Scientists said that the birth of the Solar system and its planets was followed by a clash of icy planetary “embryos” and a molten rocky bodies. this fact indicates the presence of magnetized rocks in meteorites. The research results were published in the journal Science Advances.

The researchers studied chondrule – microscopic balls of molten metal and rock that emerged in the asteroids of the chondrites in the first era of life in the Solar system. These asteroids became the “blocks” were collected all four earth-like planets. Scientists analyzed the composition of such beads from meteorites Vigarano and Kaba found in Italy in 1910 and in Hungary in 1857, with the help of an electron microscope and spectrograph, trying to figure out the time of their formation and source of origin.

They were discovered sulfide magnet, which previously never found in the primary matter of the Solar system. These minerals occur only in the presence of large quantities of oxygen, which must be much more than is contained in the primary gas and dust in the Solar system, as well as at high temperature and pressure. According to researchers, the chondrites were formed when powerful collisions between molten and hot rocky bodies and icy opposites, which consisted almost entirely of water. Such is the nature of their birth, as scientists believe, can explain it, where did all the water from the inner Solar system before her planet started forming – it all could be spent on the formation of such minerals and other compounds rich in oxygen.

Previously, scientists have suggested that Jupiter was thrown out of the Solar system another major planet. According to scientists, the planet disappeared belonged to the same class as Neptune and Uranus. She was giant, but not a gas giant like Jupiter and Saturn, and the ice is much more dense and massive. Jupiter could throw the planet out of the Solar system during a close convergence

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