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Accident involving a Tesla on autopilot resulted in the death of the driver

Авария с участием Tesla на автопилоте привела к гибели водителяThe Tesla tore the roof.

national management of safety of traffic on the highways of the United States have opened investigations after one of the Tesla drivers died behind the wheel of a car that was driving in autopilot mode.

The incident occurred on 7 may in the city of Williston, Florida, it killed the driver of a Tesla Model S 2015. The accident happened when a cargo truck turned left in front of the car at the intersection. The preliminary investigation involves 25 thousand cars of Model S.

In turn, Tesla stated that this is the first known case of an accident with a fatal outcome during the use of autopilot on her car. The company explained that neither the driver of the Tesla nor the autopilot had not noticed the white trailer truck with the bright lights, so the brake was not applied. High ground clearance of the trailer, its position on the track and “extremely unusual circumstances” of the accident led to the fact that the lower part of the truck collided with the front windshield of the Model S, Tesla said.

While Tesla recalled that the autopilot is a helper function and requires the driver to keep hands on the wheel. The car constantly reminds us of this and automatically slows down until the driver put both hands on the wheel. The autopilot feature is still in beta testing, the company said.

In November of last year, Tesla announced a recall of all cars of Model S. This was due to a malfunction of the seat belt. A client from Europe has informed the company that turned around to talk with passengers in the rear seats, then the seat belt unbuckled.

In the autumn of drivers Tesla has published several commercials, which show that the car is in autopilot mode exceeds the speed and demonstrates the dangerous driving techniques. The company then also stated that the autopilot does not absolve the driver of responsibility for driving.

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