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About the cannibals and the Hindu sect aghori

О каннибалах и индуистской секте агхори

CAUTION! The text contains material that may seem inappropriate and not recommended for impressionable and to persons with weak mentality.

With the beginning of the era of geographical researches, when people began to actively explore the world, travelers discovering a whole nation, from ancient times practiced cannibalism – eating people of their own kind. The vast geography of cannibalism – Africa, South America, Papua New Guinea, South Asia and even Europe, where the predecessors of modern “civilized Nations” in view of various reasons also did not shun people. Which in turn is reflected in the mythology of the Europeans.

To date, witnessed by the many cases where the cause of cannibalism there was a famine in the Volga region of 1921-1922, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (1932-1933), the siege of Leningrad (1941-1944), cannibalism in North Korea (1996), etc. But particularly noteworthy religious cannibalism, the hallmark of which is the belief that eating body parts of their defeated enemy or a deceased ancestor, the person thus transferred his power.

О каннибалах и индуистской секте агхори

Cannibalism during the famine in Povolzhie (1921-1922)

Cannibalism is mentioned in the old Testament, in the story about two women, have signed an agreement that they will eat their children. After the first mother cooked and ate her child, the second woman refused given its earlier promises.

…And she answered, this woman said to me: “give up your son so we may eat him today, and we will eat my son tomorrow.” So we cooked my son and ate him. And I told her the other day: “give up your son, and eat him.” But she hid her son (4th Book of kings 6:25-30).

In addition, the rite of communion in Christianity is the symbolic eating of the flesh and blood of Christ in bread and wine – is often compared to cannibalism, despite the fact that in Genesis God allows his followers to eat “every moving thing that lives”, but prohibits eating the flesh “with its soul, its blood”.

From the XIV century in India, there is a breakaway from the tantric Shaivite sect of kapalika another ascetic sect, the aghori, whose members never hid his addiction to various kind of forbidden rites – cannibalism, necrophilia, meditation on the graves of the dead, etc.

In 2006, the media reported about the arrest of two aghori, cannibalism caught on. Residents of a village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh found the cut off head of the deceased and buried on the eve of a teenager, and gnawed his body. On suspicion of cannibalism and detained the student and teacher aghori, who later admitted that dug up the corpse and ate it in hopes of getting the power of the deceased. In addition, AGHORA, which are not averse to fish from the Ganges, sacred river of the Hindus, half-decayed corpses and eat them in order to stop aging, and also learn to levitate and find other wonder abilities.

О каннибалах и индуистской секте агхори

Varanasi – the city where dreams die every Hindu. The corpses are either burnt directly on the beach, or just throw in a “Holy river” the Ganges

In the April issue of the magazine “Around the world” for the year 2016 had published an interview with a aghori Baba, a man of sixty years without the name and place of residence. Baba (it’s not even a name, but only a respectful man) told about strange philosophy of AGHORA and confirmed all the worst rumors, that for so many years was surrounded by the adherents of this sect – Yes, they really do eat carrion. And Yes – they have sex with corpses.

We often do not wear clothes, because the clothes are the property, and any property leads to attachment. We cover the body only the ash from the AGR-Shana — pyre — in a sign that in this world there is one objective reality: death.

People are afraid of us, they are disgusting. We meditate on corpses. So we free the spirit of the deceased. The spirit of AGHORA too practicing, we overcome the fear and aversion to death. The corpse — the most terrible and vile, that can imagine people. Death in this incarnation. We eat the corpses. Put body parts on the hot coals and sit around them. Hands folded behind his back, bend over and accusive the right pieces of flesh with hot coals. Often this aghori can be found on the black, burnt tongue.

О каннибалах и индуистской секте агхори

For no matter what aghori is — dead or mango. Garbage, rotten food from garbage dumps, dead animals, excrement — all of this for us is not more messy than rice and curry. Everything is created by God, so equally sacred. All the opposites in this world is still illusory. Aware of concepts such as evil and an abomination, aghori aware of the unified nature of the universe.

We copulate with the corpses. This ritual fertilization of Tara, the goddess, which we worship. AGHORA is the male aspect of the universe, Shiva. The corpse symbolizes the female side of the universe, Tara. The act of copulation aghori should combine the male and female to come closer to understanding objective reality. At this point he needs to think about the divine. With sensual fun that has nothing to do.

All that is attributed AGHORA – from the above-mentioned cannibalism, necrophilia and meditation on the places of burials to the use of drugs, alcohol, the manufacture of ritual bowls of the skulls of men and sex with women from lower castes in the period of menstruation, the sectarians considered one of the most simple, effective and, most importantly, quick way to achieve enlightenment. I must admit, is a very convenient system of religious views. And it is not surprising that modern theologians have noted the increase in the number of followers of AGHORA, including the representatives of Western civilization who are attracted by unusual lifestyle zealots rogue.

О каннибалах и индуистской секте агхори

And, interestingly, he himself aghori Baba says that not many that profess to be the followers of the cult of the goddess Tara, follow all the rules of the sect: “There are among aghori and just beggars who run away from creditors or deceived wives. Lazy man easy life in India — God-fearing people willingly give to the poor”.

Familiar? Still. And because it does not have to go to India.

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