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A new exciting video for the game Homefront: The Revolution

Новый захватывающий ролик к игре Homefront: The RevolutionRelease date Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for may 17, 2016.

Deep Silver has released a new video for the game Homefront: The Revolution, the release of which falls on 17 may 2016.

The plot is very interesting and talks about how South Korea conquered the United States with a fictitious company Apex working in the country for 50 years.

Originally, Apex was engaged in the production of smartphones and computers, but the company has gradually penetrated into all areas of American life, and started developing weapons for the U.S. army. This was the reason why South Korea was able to capture America. The Koreans ruthlessly suppressed any attempt at resistance Americans, as a result, the people’s morale was broken, and the invaders celebrated the victory.

Gamers Homefront: The Revolution must bring hope to the local residents and it can be achieved only through a successful guerrilla missions. The game will be available on the platforms PC, PlayStation and Xbox One.

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