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14-year-old Australian was going to win three in a row, polar region

14-летняя австралийка собралась покорить три полярных региона подряд

The youngest ever participant of the expedition in three of the polar region may become a 14-year-old resident Australian Melbourne, writes Mashable. As part of my journey, which began on Wednesday, March 30, Hameister jade (Jade Hameister) will visit Greenland, North and South poles.

Tour to two thousand kilometers will be divided into three stages. The passage through the North pole will last 21 days. In April 2017 the girl crosses the territory of Greenland, and in the summer of the same year the South pole. During the expedition the girl will be accompanied by her father Paul, have committed to climb mount Everest, and guide Eric Philips (Eric Philips), who became the first Australian to cross the North and South poles on skis.

In 2016 Hameister visited the preparatory camp in New Zealand, where he took a course of survival, physical training, crossfit and learned to ski. “I started training at the age of 12 — just the right age,” said Hameister.

In January 2014 a resident of Bristol Lewis Clark reached the Antarctic station “Amundsen — Scott”, thus completing his journey to the South pole. 16-year-old Clark became the youngest conqueror of the Antarctic. The journey took 48 days.

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