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Xiaomi has created a “smart” kettle

Xiaomi создала "умный" чайникXiaomi company has created a smart kettle.

The device was presented a few weeks ago, but for some reason we bypassed it, and now try to catch up.

Mi Smart Kettle has a capacity of only 1.5 liters and is available only in white colour. The weight of the kettle is 1.24 kg, and the dimensions of 204 x 145 x 235 mm, with a smartphone, it connects via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.

The inner part of the kettle created from stainless steel 304 grade, which is very good clean and will not transmit water metallic smell. Mi Smart Kettle boils water in just 5 minutes thanks to the power of 1800 Watts.

The device is protected against short-circuit, ingress of water in electrical elements, has the function of auto off. Using special applications you can set the water temperature that the kettle will be able to maintain a certain amount of time. The user can monitor the level of hot water in real time.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle when you use special coupon MIKETTLE, you can buy for only $63.99.

Xiaomi создала "умный" чайник

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