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Woman’s Homo sapiens could not have children with Neanderthals

Woman’s Homo sapiens could not have children with Neanderthals

Женщины Homo sapiens не могли иметь детей от неандертальцев


First in-depth genetic analysis of Y-chromosome of Neanderthal, a Stanford University and the Institute for evolutionary anthropology max Planck, showed that women of our species could not have children from the Neanderthals.


The authors of a study published in the journal the American Journal of Human Genetics, was conducted by sequencing the Y chromosome of Neanderthal, who lived 49 thousand years ago in the caves of El Sidron (Spain).

According to NewScientist, the differences identified in the results of the experiment indicate a genetic incompatibility between modern man and the Neanderthal, whose paths have diverged about 600 thousand years ago.

Previously, while studying the DNA of Neanderthals were analyzed by either X-chromosome or the genetic material that is passed from mother to children of both sexes. While DNA from the male Y chromosome were ignored.

As a result of recent large-scale experiment it was found that the relationship of Homo Neanderthalensis with Homo Sapiens woman would have ended in miscarriage.

Neanderthals from El Sidron had mutations in four genes of the immune system. One of them is KDM5D — produced antigens that can induce immune response in pregnant women that results in miscarriage of male embryos, which contains these genes.

“This may be one reason why not see the Y-chromosome of Neanderthals in modern man,” says mark Bream, an evolutionary biologist at the University of reading.

Incompatibility in one of four genes had an impact on genetic isolation of two groups that has accelerated the extinction of Neanderthals, and Neanderthal Y-chromosome disappeared from the gene pool of modern man.

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