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Windows 10 could be paid

 Windows 10 может стать платнойWindows 10 could be paid.

Since July 29, to Windows 10 will not be updated free of charge and Microsoft may introduce a paid subscription for the new OS.

Users who work on test assemblies “ten”, found in the folder “System32” file named “UpgradeSubscription.exe” in the properties is mentioned about the utility called Windows Upgrade to Subscription.

Literally, the tool’s name translates as “Windows update for subscription” or “transition to subscription Windows.

Apparently, the software giant is planning to introduce a monthly subscription for their OS. There is speculation that Microsoft gave users the opportunity to switch to a “ten” on a free basis, in order that they might oblige them to pay for the system monthly.

Utility Windows Upgrade to Subscription can also be for the transition from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise for holders of volume licenses.

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