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Why killing 36 Russian miners?

Почему погибли 36 российских шахтеров?

The deaths of miners and rescuers in the mine “North” the worst thing is predetermined. They died because he couldn’t die. The likelihood of this happening has grown day by day until it became an inevitability.

For example, the arrest of the head of Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer and 15 of his accomplices (the case involved 19 defendants). You have to be very naïve to see in the event “fight against corruption”. An experienced observer will immediately ask the main question: “Who did he hurt?” And immediately get the right answer: “first of all, the Alikperov and Mordashov“.

The war with LUKOIL and Severstal got Gaizer, the legacy of the former Governor Torlopov. A staunch ally of the Republican authorities in this fight was “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg. In addition, Gaiser entered the High Council of party “United Russia” and was considered a protégé Dmitry Medvedev. Say fatal for him was the conflict with Arkady Rotenberg, whose son in his free implementation of the system “Plato” time is drilling in Komi… you guess it, getting rid of “splinters”, the winners were relaxed. In particular, Mordashov could now afford some liberties in the exploitation of the mine belonging to it “Northern”. The daughter of one of the victims spoke on camera about excessive contamination of the mine, complained that her father for 22 days prior to the first explosion. Allegedly the guide required the miners to bury the sensors of methane, to work in the mine never ceased. They agreed, because the downtime deprived of their earnings.

Interestingly, immediately after the publication of the video about this on the site “MK” there was a comment reading: “When I worked there, we covered the sensors of methane by the jackets. There is no plan – not the prize”. And after a few hours on the tapes of news agencies there was an official refutation of Mordashov. “He explained that the sensors are linked into a single system and transmit signals in real time and should not be closed, because the signal immediately goes to Central control”, – informs “Interfax”.

However, the acting head of the Republic Sergey Gaplikov has demanded a “fully-open” the investigation of the tragedy. And immediately got a mocking twitpictwitpic of the Investigative Committee of Russia. “Instead of a blank, non-committal statements by the leadership of the Republic should cooperate fully in the investigation, and even better – to such tragedies make demands and control the work of their subordinate agencies in the Executive branch who are responsible for safety while performing work at such facilities”, – said Vladimir Markin.

In the end, the press service of the head of the Republic had not only to disavow the statement, but… bring to the investigating authorities a formal apology. The reason for the fear is clear: the Republican authorities have made it clear that they – the main candidates for “scapegoats”. So, it is better to lower this business on brakes. For all it would be better.

It is obvious that such a timid leader (and temporary!) could not be for the management of “Northern” problems. Quite another matter – opinionated miner’s son Gaiser, now sitting in jail. If he remained at liberty, “subordinate structures in the Executive branch” may have worked a little harder. And methane could not to explode. Meanwhile, the RTN has called the accident the “North” of “geologic event” that is “natural”. So, there are no guilty. But there are 26 people underground who need to be saved. Or rather, were…

Record the time the rescue operation, as is known, held in Chile in 2010. It lasted 69 days and a cost of $ 22 million. As a result, on the surface of the earth were lifted 33 miners alive. Ahead of the miners had been symbolic football match with the country’s leadership, a pilgrimage to Israel and the Hollywood adaptation of their story with Antonio Banderas in the title role.

The fate of the Vorkuta miners have decided already on the fourth day. The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov officially announced, “All dead.” This allowed to immediately start the rescue operation… the mine. To extinguish burning methane under the ground have already begun to pump nitrogen. From flooding, it was decided to refuse as this barbaric method of extinguishing is difficult to return the mine into operation. But its coking coal need mordaciously Severstal.

In General, Vorkuta plot does not look like a Chilean. But the similarity with a submarine “Kursk” amazing! And with “Nord-OST”. And Beslan.

Wherever the struggle for the salvation of human life caused inconvenience to the state or, as in this case, the court oligarchs, it immediately stopped (or not started). But the consequence turned in long show, which aims rather to conceal and destroy evidence than to reconstruct the incident and find the perpetrators.

At the time, a court humorist Maxim Kononenko (Mr. Parker) ingeniously formulated the credo of the regime in relation to such tragic episodes: “Instead of year to search for the guilty in the death of their children, it would be better if gave birth to new children,” he advised the Beslan mothers.

In 2004, such a statement seemed the height of hypocrisy. In 2016 it already there’s nothing scandalous. Public interests require a lot of deaths. But Moscow still does not believe in tears.

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