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“We have a mountain, and he’s funny”

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and the owner of the company “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov, under whose responsibility included the Severnaya mine, which killed 36 people, met with relatives of the dead miners.

«У нас горе, а ему смешно»

Edition Medialeaks.ru published a transcript of this meeting. We present the most important quotes.

Blame nature

The meeting began with the speech of Dvorkovich.

“You know, many tried to dissuade me to come here and bother coming here because it’s insanely hard. It is really hard. But, nevertheless, I and my colleagues in the Republic have decided that you need with you is a grief to share, and to make it not happen again. It is very difficult, nature is an unpredictable thing”.

Immediately the relatives of the victims start to resent: they believe that the fault is not nature, and the desire to make money. In their opinion, in mine saved on an expensive ventilation system, so there is accumulated methane. Cause of the accident in the gas, sure they are, it’s easier to pay a few million compensation for the death of the miners, than to establish a good system of venilale.

However, Dvorkovich continues to bend the line of that fault of nature:

“Nature does not punish, the nature punishes us, you understand it. I know guys that today in hospitals are, they said, “Yes, we worked honestly and in good faith, like us and liked our work”…

Immediately Dvorkovich again kill relatives.

“What are you talking about? – asks one of the audience. – They will not say it was an exciting place to work.”

«У нас горе, а ему смешно»

Right and wrong in the media

Some participants stated that the media block “all the truthful information”.

The audience began to demand to the answer of the owner “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov.

“We have a mountain, and he’s funny, says one of the women, probably about businessman. He sits, smiles! No, answer me, please, why is he smiling?!”

According to them, should answer Mordashov as “rowing money with a shovel”. With great difficulty Dvorkovich manage to finish it. He said that contrary to rumors no one is considering the option of flooding the mine.

“The main is a variant of the overlap of the mine with a further injection of nitrogen. After – ventilation of the mine and further restoration work with small however the chance to remove bodies or human remains of your loved ones”.

He also announced compensation to families of the victims.

“The Federal government to each family of the deceased will pay 1 million rubles, regional – 1 million roubles, insurance payments will amount to 2 million roubles in total, will be paid in full annual salary, in addition there will be monthly payments for families that have children. And according to the family, have children, get from 6 to 7 million rubles in total. Family rescue will receive exactly the same amount”.

Dvorkovich said that in the near future to investigate the causes of the tragedy will start the best specialists. In conclusion, the Vice-Premier admitted that “the percentage of fault of each of us in what happened there”.


The owner of the company began his speech with condolences. Those present from time to time interrupted him, calling miners the “donkeys” and “slaves”. In addition, relatives are wondering why the safety on mine “Northern” answered the same man that made an accident at another mine in 2013, 19 people were killed in the explosion at the Vorkutinskaya mine. The relatives of the victims demanded to bring him to justice and not allow work to continue.

Mordashov has recognized the importance to find the cause of the accident.

“At Vorkuta mines these cases are repeated too often. We must find a way to deal with this. What we see in the results of the first analysis does not necessarily imply any wrongdoing, but said the sudden surge of methane at a certain point before the time of the explosion. . We hear constantly from you that the sensors are artificially zaglublenie. I am getting really worried. Believe me, we have done a lot to make the system objective, we spent a lot of money. And there was much talk that these sensors are so arranged that they cannot close, move, but we hear these your accusations. Good question who did it. We will try definitely to understand”.

«У нас горе, а ему смешно»

Photo: VKontakte

In addition, Mordashov urged everyone, who comments and who knows something told relatives to tell about it separately to make it easier to understand.

“This tragedy that has happened to you, is not repeated with others. With regard to knowledge on TB (safety – ed.) we can check whether he is competent. For example, I don’t even know who he is.”

Mordashov said that this man (talking about the same technique Babichenko) was invited to the meeting, however, decided not to come.


The owner “Severstal” has promised that the consequences of the accident can be solved “9-12 months”, then you can try to recover the remains. According to the participants, it is too long. They explain how hard the miners worked – despite the danger of explosion, the miners were forced to go underground.

“I’ll tell you more. I married this man, being pregnant from him. And we still didn’t have money for wedding rings, because we have credits!” – complains one woman. “You pay peanuts!” – you hear another voice. The owner of Severstal promised to investigate in this matter.

Mordashov also apologized to the relatives.

“That’s what I want to ask you for forgiveness, for what we have not been honest with you in that extent that probably I should have. Understand, leaders who have managed all of this, I talked to them on this subject. There were different opinions, more open and less honest won point of view of those who believed that you need to spare. They were afraid for you and thought right will leave you with hope. As for time, 1.5 hours would not have decided. We talked with those who suffered, many did not even understand what happened. I don’t know, this should be discussed with professionals, but from what I heard, 1.5 hours couldn’t solve.”

Another major issue of concern to relatives of the dead – how to bury their loved ones, if their remains will be lifted only in a year. Mordashov offers to do the same as in the mine “Central” – to put a monument to the miners, not raised.

In all mines the same

One of the attendees had worked at the Vorkutinskaya mine before the explosion. He stated that the gas concentration was well aware of and the head of the mine, and the same technique Babichenko.

“The calls were mine, when I called, they said that revs. The only answer was: “remove the Sensor from the stub and put it in here, all go on.” Here’s the answer”.

“You know, this situation almost in all the mines of Vorkuta? Everywhere a gas, the pressure everywhere. You know about that?” – heard a male voice. His words were confirmed by the woman. She adds that in no other work: the locals are afraid to lose it, and therefore agree to any conditions.

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