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Why citizens increasingly doubt the safety of their savings.

Почему граждане все больше сомневаются в сохранности своих накоплений.

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In social networks neuro discuss the statement by one of the speakers of the Central Bank that since the summer, banks will begin to demand from all categories of customers confirm the legitimacy of their money and property. Although this practice already exists, caused by the resonance better than many opinion polls suggests that people are seriously afraid for their savings and it is quite possible that the state will sooner or later want to use this reserve.

In the second half of 2016, when will the campaign for Amnesty of capital, banks will start to demand from all categories of customers and documents confirming the “source of origin” of money and property. It is widely dispersed, a statement was made Deputy head of the Department of financial monitoring and currency control, speaking at conferences.

Actually banks have the right to request relevant documents. The banks control over the operations with monetary funds determined by the Federal law №115 “On counteraction to legalization (laundering) of incomes received by criminal way, and terrorism financing”. Allows you to check client and internal instruction of the Bank, which is written on the basis of the relevant provisions of the Bank of Russia. In a new statement of the Central Bank, in fact, there is nothing shocking — perhaps the banks will more frequently exercise their right to verify the validity of the savings in the case of large clearing and it is unlikely to be easy, because today themselves are not interested in the outflow of especially nervous clients.

But the reaction of the population to the statement of the Bank official is telling. Most, including students and pensioners, also suspected that the government once again is going to steal their money. Citizens emerging since the early 1990s four of the crisis, default and the denomination, can be understood.

Trust to the first person in Russia today is extremely high, but to the very state we treat with great suspicion.

And the first worrying rumors ready to run to the ATM, and then immediately to the store for buckwheat. Despite the fact that the majority (according to polls, more than 70%) has no savings, and about 30% have credits, debts.

People with big money have tried to take care of them a little earlier. The most visionary withdraw their savings from the country before the annexation of Crimea feeling threatened when on the Peninsula just appeared “little green men”. Less insightful was engaged in withdrawal for the past year. Others who have no foreign accounts, but have at least some savings, tried to err, who is investing in currency and gold-diamonds, who’s in the cars-TV. The others are rushing: to keep money in cashed under a mattress while inflation kind of stupid, and blindly trust in the banking system already does not work.

And although today the Russian banks offer diversified, “ultra-reliable” deposits on special terms, and dubious banks due to cleaning of the Central Bank is almost gone, the anxiety it doesn’t. Especially when

various politicians and government officials continually gushing with new ideas, it is suggesting to ban us dollars, it is possible to impose a tax on exchange operations,

it is possible to use deposits of the population (today more than $250 billion) for investment programs… In such a background, a statement about the new rules of issuance of the deposits, the reliability of which you first need to confirm that makes you nervous, even the most rational, despite soothing assurances Nabiullina.

The population realizes that the crisis is here to stay. The state is now nowhere to borrow money. With the West and took out loans, today we have a confrontation. Domestically, investors also evaporated. Only the people and, in particular, his Bank card, which can be used. After all, do not disdain us for years to freeze the cumulative part of the pension.

The plot with pensions is characteristic today not only short-term confidence in the future, but also long-term. 30 modern 40-year-old retired already do not count. And here the head of Committee of Federation Council on the budget advises to defer 5% of salary for a rainy day or for old age, that in any case safer than to expect mercy from the state.

For free advice, of course, thank you, only those who have something to delay, today a distinct minority. Others live from paycheck to paycheck, and their number, as the deepening crisis that is only growing. But they received a salary card, increasingly try to cash out — especially in the regions. Although they seemingly prove the origin of their small capital easier. But I’m still scared. What if the Bank collapses? What if the government, fearing social turmoil, really starting to confiscatory policy or tries anything another “currency reform”? Because so many times in recent history.

Our people are Patriotic, but always prepared for the worst, expecting falsehood from his state at any time.

The distrust of the state in the financial sector — the difficult legacy of the 90s. At the restoration he was gone many years, and undermine can be a careless statement.

However, the policy seems to be these subtleties don’t bother believing in infinite patience accustomed to all the Russian people. In his paradoxical, inexplicable to Western citizens property when the worst still happens, exhale with a sigh of relief: well, nothing could be worse. And the state caught in a stalemate, there is a great temptation this suffering to use.

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