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Who often have nightmares and how to deal with them

Кому чаще всего снятся кошмары и как с ними боротьсяScientists conducted a study to find out how people most often have scary dreams.

It should be noted that dreams are the cause of many scientific disputes. Their study is oneirology. Ideally, a person needs to spend sleeping 7-8 hours a day. It is believed that during this time the body rest and recover.

American scientists conducted a study to determine who often have nightmares. Volunteers were divided into three groups: who has sleep problems, who often have nightmares and who sees a beautiful and pleasant dreams.

The participants had to respond with different emotional associations for words. Association of people who have seen good dreams were mostly simple. But creative ideas come to those people who often see nightmares.

The experts concluded that people who think creative and outside the box more often suffer from terrible dreams.

It is surprising that scientists can not come to a common opinion why people see certain images in the dream. For example, one of the first theories of why people see dreams, belongs to Sigmund Freud. He said that dreams are repressed desires and hidden aspirations of the people, but sometimes it can be a symbolic image that you want to solve.

And the psychiatrist Allan Hobson believes that dreams are just the result of random electrical impulses, so they do not carry any semantic information.

Another theory says that dreams help people mentally get rid of unnecessary links, which are formed in the human brain throughout the day. It turns out that the dreams again absolutely nothing symbolic do not carry.

A Professor of psychology at Harvard University, Deirdre Barrett believes that dreams help people to find answers to life’s questions.

As you can see, theories explaining the phenomenon of dreaming, a lot. Each is confirmed by a number of scientific studies.

Dreams cannot be influenced, but there are simple tips that promote good sleep:

1. Dinner 4 hours before sleep. Heaviness in the stomach causing the bad sleep.

2. Do not consume caffeinated beverages after 15: 00.

3. Not recommended at night, watch horror movies, otherwise it is likely that you will dream of the main characters.

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