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Where will the money, when they’re gone?

Где будут деньги, когда их не станет?
Seminar in Omsk. The theme of the seminar – “changes in the economy. What to do business. The forecasts for 2016-2017”.

Russia still has the usual system problems, which originate in the practice of plundering Soviet legacy in the 90-ies. Up to 90% of the population reduced its consumption in 2015 at least a quarter. Individual strategy in this situation is quite simple – accumulate potential and to prepare for the choice that will depend on your personal psychological qualities, and nothing else. There are also options for action, such as to leave the country, to concentrate at the point of well-being (which first need to identify correctly), to go the way of the capture space, or to wait for the improvement of the society. But keep in mind that on the one hand, we see the Russian crisis, on the other hand is global, and sooner or later we will find ourselves in a situation where money will not.
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