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When Europe will make America Hamburg score?

Когда Европа предъявит Америке гамбургский счёт?

A strange impression was produced by the leaders of the Western world reacted to terrorist attacks in Belgium. Barack Obama, dropped a few phrases about solidarity with the victims, went to watch a baseball game. Angela Merkel expressed their determination to defeat terrorism. Francois Hollande urged the nation to unite. Federica Mogherini wept before the cameras. Belgium’s king Philippe, at first, escaped from the Palace, then thought better of it, came back and also shook the hands of terrorists. Other Western leaders have spoken about in the same spirit.

Then the U.S. State Department is busily warned American citizens that terrorists are planning attacks at popular tourist places during major festivals and other mass events “all over Europe”. The state Department said about it as about something quite matter-what Europeans will now have to get used to.

The impression that the “collective West” doesn’t want to see the tragedy in Brussels beginning of a new phase of life Europe life under constant fear of terrorist acts. The shock of the bloodshed in France, which occurred last year, learned little from the Europeans. It seems that there would be consequences and a new tragedy. Europe is likely to continue to live as carelessly, strengthening only the police regime further isolated from the stream of refugees from warring countries. Understanding that now fear will enter into every house, and has not appeared.

In General Western politicians are very superficial look at the phenomenon of terrorism under the flag of Islam and recipes of the causes of this plague of the XXI century do not offer. It all comes down to repeated calls to defeat the terrorists. Moreover, as shown by the tragedy of the journal “Charly ebdo”, the European leaders are not averse to create an atmosphere of “fortress Europe” surrounded by the barbarians, not able to absorb best of the European lifestyle. It already backfired Paris new attacks, but not prompted the Europeans to delve into the essence of the problem.

This weakness is largely due to the dependence of the “United Europe” from Washington. The Europeans after all, and actually are not able to convene a broad international forum for Islamist terror would have been subjected to comprehensive review and which would have taken a binding decision on collective and integrated its elimination. Perhaps, the experience of Russia in the North Caucasus could use here.

Is what prevents such an approach. Comprehensive review of the problem of international terrorism would lead to conclusions about the collapse of the whole concept of American foreign policy of recent decades, based on “humanitarian intervention”, or, in other words, the redrawing of the political map of the world using military force. To publicly raise the question about the results of this policy means to start a dialogue with Washington on the Hamburg account. After all, since 90-ies consistently embroiled in military adventures in parts of the world, where centuries of colonialism have accumulated hatred towards Europe. Here just to add fuel to the smoldering embers of hatred that sparked the fire of terrorism. Americans have become instigators of this fire – and with them the first demand. However, if we bear in mind that European governments were active agents of American politics, it is better not to start.

Here also there was an atmosphere of silence about the most important – about the reasons for the emergence of such a monster as the “Islamic state”. As a result, in the minds of European terrorism in the name of Islam exists today as a monster, born in a strange way, and subject to destruction by force of arms. At this point.

However, in this artificially created atmosphere of silence to live a long time will not succeed. All the evidence suggests that IG will continue to operate in Europe through a kind of “talk backs” that should make Europeans to capitulate. In the plans of leaders of terrorists can come and that EU will toughen a mode of entrance of refugees into its territory, the more will accumulate in Turkey, and this will enable Ankara to demand from Brussels for new money. The structure of the IG will be happy to take part in their division.

Today one thing is clear: the leaders of the member States of the EU are not ready for joint decision of difficult complex problems of international terrorism. As you do not want to think about what the consequences of American policy in the middle East would require from them, Europeans, huge effort and enormous expense.

So it’s easier to close the eyes, to enclose the external borders of the EU by barbed-wire fences, to expel a portion of outsiders-foreigners and continue to lull ourselves with the thought that all will pass.

Will not work! On the European horizon – new explosions and new victims. To Mature in order to present to the American partners of the Hamburg account, Europe will be a long time. Maybe she will never ripen, but in this case it’s all over for her is no good.

Dmitry SEDOV

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