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When easily betray the Motherland?

Europe – the old world, who saw, perhaps, everything. Love and loyalty, friendship and war, betrayal and betrayal – all this has been completed the European States. People at all times were divided into “good” and “bad”. But there were those who created something good, and then crossing some kind of line, standing up on the bad side.

Когда легко предать Родину?

It is necessary to delineate the concept of spies and traitors. If the first were the assistants of their homeland, trying in the bosom of enemies to find useful information for their countries, the latter to benefit themselves betrayed the state in which they were born, studied, became personalities.

The former include, for example, Nathan Hale, the Americans became a symbol of independence; Richard Sorge, an outstanding Soviet intelligence agent during WWII; Sidney Reilly, the Briton, nicknamed “the King of espionage”, he even wrote the character of James bond.

Traitors can be called John Amery, the British, who created the SS; Diana Mitford, a British woman who married Hitler in the living room; Onsager Ceren, the Norwegian artist, who became Nazis, thanks to the Professor at the Norwegian National Academy of arts during the occupation of their homeland.

The latter include the well-known Coco Chanel. She created the little black dress in memory of the love of his life Arthur Capela, and during the war had an affair with Baron Hans Gunther von Dinklage, who lived through the occupation of Paris in a luxury “the Ritz”. At the same hotel we usually stayed the whole fascist “know”, like Goebbels or Goering.

Everything else she was a registered German intelligence. There is a version that Chanel was recruited in 1940-m to year: it was adopted in military intelligence under the code name “Westminster” (the name of her former lover the Duke of Westminster).

The reason for this betrayal Coco Chanel became not only desire a beautiful and safe place to live during the war, but the liberation from the concentration camp relative, her nephew, Andre the Palace.
Of course, the fashion house “Chanel” has denied this information, saying that Baron von Dinklage was English blood on his mother’s, and she helped Chanel UK, supporting the fellowship by the Winston Churchill.

At the moment, concrete evidence that the designer worked on the Third Reich no. After the war, the designer was accused of betrayal, but quickly let her go. And there are two versions: or Chanel could not know that it was registered by German intelligence, or she managed to cover up all traces of their collaboration with the Nazis, circumstantial evidence which is quite a lot.

The status of the man not say about his integrity. Often the famous people have podkralas in the first place, because they spent time in the higher societies, and had some influence themselves.
Treachery is a way to get back home for something (because all good pretty quickly forgotten), or to earn extra money in difficult times. In Europe nothing has changed in this sense and still.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel flooded the country with refugees, which allowed everything without thinking about the citizens of their country. Why should they, things are not made for citizens, and for the gratification of the West.
French President Francois Hollande has cut ties with Russia without handing over the “Mistral”, for which were given the money because the States are not allowed to do that, because Russia, in their opinion, the main aggressor.

And all European leaders supported the U.S. in the desire to bring down on Russia sanctions, which have deprived European farmers ‘ livelihoods, but how about the people there think?
Benefits, desire of power, intrigue top European rule for centuries while ordinary people just want to live and work in beautiful externally Europe.

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