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There are strangely close


Бывают странные сближенья

Otto Skorzeny

Source: Haaretz, translated by Vadim Davydov.

Like the legendary Nazi commando worked for Israeli intelligence

Otto Skorzeny, obersturmbannführer of the Waffen-SS (Lieutenant Colonel), was not only a pet of Hitler. He proved to be a valuable “asset” of the Israeli intelligence.

11 September 1962 German scientist Heinz Krug disappeared. It is a fact.

Munich police investigating the disappearance, it became known that the Circle often went to Cairo. He was among several dozen experts on the missile weapons employed by the Egyptian government of Gamal Abdel Nasser, Hero of the Soviet Union, to create ballistic missiles that Nasser was going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Nuclear filling Nasser hoped to get from Moscow.

Not existed for the Israeli newspaper “Haboker” hot on the heels of the events published an article which argued that the Egyptians stole Circle, trying to prevent his cooperation with Israel.

This rather clumsy “leak” the Israelis tried to distract investigators from too thorough search. However, carefully worked the police or not, she never found.

Today, based on interviews of former employees of the Israeli secret service and the people working with partially declassified archives “Mossad” fifty years ago, can with great certainty be argued that the Circle was eliminated in the framework of a covert operation to prevent the creation of Egypt rocketry forces of German scientists.

It is more than that. Perhaps the most shocking revelation was that the Circle has eliminated people to imagine which the role of the agent “Mossad”, performing errands in style flamingskull hero with a “license to kill”, quite difficult. This man was a favorite of Hitler, SS obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny. The very Skorzeny that stole the deposed Mussolini from under the nose of Italian partisans and was given a “Knight’s cross of the Iron cross with oak leaves” — Oh, just think — out of the hands of the Fuhrer.

But what happened for nearly twenty years before the events described, water under the bridge. “What was there has gone”. In the sixty-second Landsknecht Skorzeny worked on the other master. If to trust the sources, who asked, naturally, to remain anonymous, they were the Mossad (Mossad Le-Modiin u-l-tafkidim meyuhadim — the Directorate of intelligence and special operations — as translated from Hebrew, this abbreviation). How could this happen?


Бывают странные сближеньяOtto Skorzeny liberated Mussolini them. On 12 September 1943


The key to understanding the events should be that at the end of the fifties of the last century one of the main priorities of the work of “Mossad” was to prevent the access of Egypt to missile technology. Since German experts were the best in the business at that time, the tip of the blow was directed against them. A few months before his disappearance and, as was later clarified, the death, the Circle was getting messages with threats like other scientists who participated in the Egyptian program. When the Circle returned to Germany, he called in the middle of the night, strongly advising them to leave the game. In Egypt, some scientists have blown up, revealing parcels with bombs inside.

During the Second World war, the Circle was among the brightest and most promising members of the laboratory of Werner von Braun in peenemünde where the German rocket scientists have created devices for the first time in the history of humanity released into space. Not too surprising that the Circle was in the “top” of the list of those whom the Mossad believed the most dangerous members of the Egyptian missile project.

According to the Israelis, a decade after the end of the war “space Baron” invited Circle, along with other former colleagues to join him in the United States. By that time von Braun despite his Nazi past (by the way, his commitment to the Nazi madness quite rightly questioned the responsible researchers: most likely, von Braun was a convinced Nazi pretending for the sake of access to funding), was almost rehabilitated and led the American missile program. Apparently, this proposal somehow did not suit the Circle, perhaps the reason was that, unlike von Braun, his ideology was not so much to care about. Why — or why else — a Circle joined another superstar to the rocketeer, Wolfgang Pelco Krug always admired, and went with PillCam to Egypt to help Nasser to create a weapon against Israel.

From the point of view of the Israelis — and, apparently, they had reason to believe so — the Circle is quite deliberately rejected the proposal by von Braun, “sold out to the Jews and plutocrats”, and, being a staunch Nazis, chose to cooperate with those who are struggling tuzhilsya to finish the job Hitler the extermination of the Jews.

However, calls and threatening letters is quite scared of his Circle and colleagues. They quickly realized that the source are the Israelis — who else?! It was obvious. In 1960, the Israelis organized a daring and successful kidnapping of the former leading expert on the extermination of Jews, Adolf Eichmann, from Argentina. Eichmann, as is well known, was taken to Jerusalem, where it had a loud trial, sentenced to death and hanged on 31 may 1962.

In General, the Circle felt that osadovskaya noose wraps around his neck, and asked for help. Of course, not addressed to anyone, but to someone who was considered the best of the best soldiers of the Fuhrer and enjoyed among the Nazis the credibility of a selfless hero.


Бывают странные сближеньяOtto Skorzeny (second from left), 3 October 1943


On the day of his disappearance, as indicated by newly discovered information, Circle went to a meeting with a former sturmbannführer, hoping to give your life to him for salvation.

Skorzeny, at the moment already exchanging sixth decade, was a Nazi legend. Knowing no fear and is prone to sudden, on the verge of adventure, decisions, earned him the reputation of “the founder of SWAT”, was born in Austria and had built his military career in the SS giant with a scar on half his face, Skorzeny quite successfully portrayed a monster that knows no barriers and is ready to do anything for my idol Hitler. (There is reasonable doubt that his achievements in the field of special operations are, how he loved to depict.) Be that as it may, his success inspired the Germans and earned him the respect of enemies. American and British intelligence during the war awarded him the “title” “the most dangerous man in Europe”.

The range associated with living then in Spain, Skorzeny and asked to become his bodyguard.

Circle and Skorzeny was driving to the agreed place for further talks by the scientist white Mercedes when the Circle is, apparently, himself no stranger to security issues, said closely followed by a car. Skorzeny reassured his counterpart, assuring that escorts are hired extra security. Upon arrival Skorzeny without any rassusolivanie shot Range with two gunshots to the chest, after which the Israelites put the corpse in a pre-dug grave and poured quicklime. The place of burial of the remains and the approaches to it are sprinkled with lemon juice, to search dogs and wild animals would not smell and dug up the remains.

How the intelligence community that Israel managed to recruit Skorzeny?

The Troika, made the penalty Circle was headed by the future Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir, then head of special operations “Mossad”. The second was Zvi “Peter” Malkin, vysledky Eichmann in Argentina and later became a famous artist in new York. Third — not present — was Joseph “Joe” RA’anan, a resident of “Mossad” in Germany. All three lost most of his family during the destruction of European Jewry, the organized and inspired by the Nazis.


Бывают странные сближеньяOtto Skorzeny (left) and Adrian von Felkerzam (right). October 16, 1944, Budapest


The motive of the Israelis perfectly clear: they needed a man able to bring them as close as possible to the remnants of the Nazis, helping Egypt to continue the extermination of the Jews.

The instructions of the Israeli intelligence community clearly define the goal and put the task: to protect the state of Israel and its residents, as well as the Jews, there, then, and in such a way, where, when and how it is possible. That’s all. Agency staff violated many of the laws of the countries where they operated, destroying the Palestinian terrorists, Iranian nuclear scientists, and even canadian inventor Gerald bull who worked on Saddam Hussein, was killed in 1990 in Brussels. Employees of “Mossad”, based on — unfortunately — false information, was shot inconspicuous waiter Ahmed Bouchiki in the Norwegian Lillehammer, confident that this person organized the horrific and senseless murder of eleven Israeli athletes at the infamous Munich Olympics in 1972. The Israeli government, though not officially acknowledged the error, later paid an impressive compensation Buhite wife, with him go out of the theater when shots rang out. Alas, intelligence and special operations — not an exact discipline, and even in mathematics no one from errors are not insured… This scandalous failure has led to the suspension of operations “Mossad”, but did not stop them.

During the numerous “Mission Impossible” the Israelites had no time to interact with, to put it mildly, far from perfect partners. And, if it could help achieve a goal the Israelis did not shun any “dancing with the devil”.

All of this is more or less obvious. But another question. As Skorzeny-you agreed to this?!

He was born in 1908 in Vienna, in the family, as now would say, belonging to the middle class. His father and grandfather were proud of the military service of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. From early childhood Skorzeny had shown remarkable ability to invent a variety of stories — not only peers but also adults believed his fantasies. Besides, he was absolutely fearless flying-head, and later, in his youth, a desperate bully and hung — with my own adventures and not military exploits, Skorzeny obliged intimidating scar, disfiguring his face in the manner of a monster created by the dark genius of Dr. Frankenstein. It is unknown how these qualities fit the officer-commando — but for spy they are very good.

Skorzeny joined the national socialist movement of Austria in 1931, at 23 years of age, he served in security detachments of the party — SA, admiration and worshipped Hitler. The “Anschluss” Skorzeny opened wide prospects for career growth. He quit his job in a construction company, he volunteered in the SS and was assigned no where else but straight to the First SS Panzer division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler”, perhaps due to his personal acquaintance with Ernst Kaltenbrunner. They were even similar in appearance: both — tall, broad-shouldered, long-armed, both face disfigured dueling scars.

In its written after the war his memoirs, Skorzeny was depicted operation, in which participated, idyllic walks in the pastoral scenery of occupied Poland, Holland and France. Actually things were somewhat more prosaic — what did the SS in the occupied countries, more or less known. The Israelis most likely did not doubt that hands Skorzeny in the blood to the ears, including — and in the blood of the Jews. In the end, the Waffen-SS was not, as they would then not want to present the case so that units of the Wehrmacht and joined the army in separate operations, while remaining armed groups of the Nazi party and its destructive intentions — with appropriate behaviour.


Бывают странные сближеньяSkorzeny in Pomerania, February 1945


The most famous and most effective of Skorzeny led operations took place in 1943: on the gliders he with his men flew undetected and landed on the Italian mountain resort, where the freed Mussolini. This escapade provided production Skorzeny to Lieutenant Colonel and made him the head of the special forces within the SS. Another reward was the conversation with eye to eye with the führer, after which the chest appeared Skorzeny the Knight’s cross with oak leaves. But it was not only dizzying somersault in his life.

In September 1944 the Hungarian dictator, Admiral Horthy, seeing that things were bad in Germany, began feverishly to look for opportunities to make a separate peace with Stalin and began establishing ties with Allied powers. Skorzeny led the commando squad went to Budapest where he kidnapped Horthy, ensuring the rise to power unconditionally loyal to the Hitler regime of the party “arrow cross”. In turn, this regime, rejecting the inherent chartitem wobbling, the first thing he did was the destruction somehow wygibassy to this day, the Jews — already revealed quite imminent military and political defeat of the Nazis it was, of course, the most important and urgent matter, which only you can imagine in the conditions when Russian guns malaut in the Hungarian capital almost direct fire. Well, needless to say, with the head of the adherents of the epic racial battle, they thought of reaching the war, was friends especially never.

Later that same year, Skorzeny together with hundred hand-picked soldiers, many of them fluently or without an accent spoke in English, went to Normandy to make devastating raids on the rears of the landing in Normandy of the allies. Americans dressed as commandos Skorzeny attacked not expect this affront allies captured they have the same armor and sowed panic.

Desperately brazen plan Skorzeny managed. Without changing the final outcome of the war, he badly battered nerves of the military command of the anti-Hitler coalition. Skorzeny personally, for the consequences were quite unpleasant: he was shaking from camp to camp and from prison to prison. At these stages he was accompanied by the screaming headlines that assign him the title of “the most dangerous man in Europe”. Apparently, he not only enjoyed a well-deserved, as he imagined, glory. Your talent writer Skorzeny realized in practice, having written the book in English book of remembrance “Skorzeny”s Special Missions: The Autobiography of Hitler’s Commando Ace”, in Russian translation — “Otto Skorzeny and the secret operations of Hitler”. In it, he praised to the skies their own operational genius and is very sparingly mentioned contact with not so long ago hanged the Nazi leaders, which was, of course, quite clever, even from the standpoint of ensuring commercial success. However, describing Hitler, Skorzeny was not kept and certified by the Fuhrer as “careful and thoughtful military strategist”, which he never was, and could not be.

In fairness, it should be noted that the space of such a war, what was World war II, not clothed with a high rank officer like Skorzeny rarely had the chance to have a significant impact on the course of history. Skorzeny, at least in the minds of contemporaries, have achieved this. Whether his work had such an effect, which is attributed to her, today is all the same. No matter to be able to pass.

What more “delicately” silent Skorzeny in his carambola memoir? For example, about how he managed to escape, despite the fact that he had to appear before the Nuremberg Tribunal. Escape him organized, repeating a now familiar trick with a quick change in the American form.

There have been persistent rumors that the escape, Skorzeny organized his patrons from the OSS (Office of Special Services), where he somehow managed the time to work. Not quite normal is the fact that after all the adventures Skorzeny “donkey” in Spain, which has become something of the dangers of dressing in a Latin American Paradise for former (and whether they are the former, forgive for a tautology?) Nazis. In subsequent he even acted as an Advisor of Argentine President Peron and post-colonial Egyptian government. It was then that Skorzeny got contacts among the Egyptian officers — the leaders of the missile program, employing German experts.


Бывают странные сближеньяOtto Skorzeny in a cell while awaiting the Nuremberg trial, 24 November 1945


Meanwhile in Israel began to recruit the group, which task was to be — to find and eliminate Skorzeny. But the then head of the Mossad, Isser Harel, offered a much more extravagant plan: instead of killing Skorzeny, use it.

In the Mossad realized that effectively neutralized the German component of the Egyptian missile project, need a man inside. In other words, you need a real Nazi.

The Mossad never would have found the Nazis, who could be trusted, but among the Nazis, certainly, the “Mossad” would have been considered possible to use for a limited use. Someone meticulous and determined, with a reputation as an innovator in military Affairs and history of success, someone who knows how to keep secrets. Skorzeny sure could keep a secret: webalta shit in conversations and printed memoirs, he managed not a word mentioned about the true motives, the circumstances and conditions of their own work, as well as about the source of income. Among other things, Skorzeny escaped all dangers that threatened him after the war, despite an exciting — for the Colonel — the incredible fame and publicity. This, needless to say, impressed.

Unthinkable at first (and second) glance, the decision “verbaut” not someone there ,namely Skorzeny, was undoubtedly fraught with a deep sense of disgust, especially for Joseph Raanana, born in Vienna and known in former life the name of Kurt Wiseman. He managed to avoid the meat grinder of destruction, but his family — mother and younger brother were killed.

Once at the age of sixteen years in British mandate Palestine, Kurt Weisman has joined the ranks of the British armed forces in the hope to take part in the war against Hitlerism. He identified the RAF (Royal Air Force). After the proclamation of the state of Israel in 1948, he followed the example of many others and took a new name, becoming Josef Raanana. He was among the first pilots of the newborn Israeli air force, which quickly rose to squadron leader and later headed the intelligence Department of the air force.

Unique track record of Raanana, who testified about a number of impressive achievements in the field of psychological warfare, in the quality of the serviceman of the Royal air force, attracted the attention of Harel, vybrosivhsego it for yourself “flyers”. It happened in 1957. a Few years later, RA’anan, was sent to Germany, where he led covert operations, focusing on the work of German experts in Egypt. It so happened that the RA had to contact and coordinate the recruitment of the famous Nazi commandos Skorzeny.

As the Israelite and a Jew, Raanana, without a doubt, it was not easy to perform this task, but orders are orders. He created a group who went to Spain reconnaissance. The group did monitor Skorzeny and his house, the Bureau and carefully documented his movements and activities. The group included a spectacular young woman-German woman with the Callsign “Anke” non human intelligence “Mossad”. She acted as the girlfriend of one of the scouts and distract attention. It was like a spy movie much more than you might think.

One evening in the spring of 1962 Skorzeny, still impotently and roughly attractive, despite the ugly scars, Skorzeny “delayed” at one of the popular Madrid bars in the company of his wife, much younger than him, Ilse von Finkenstein. Ilze was also non-random person in the world “former” Nazis: her uncle, Hjalmar Schacht, a long and successfully managed Hitler’s finances.

They had been punched in the cocktails, and everything was relaxed, when the bartender presented them with German-speaking couple that was served. The woman was in his twenties, her companion, a well dressed confident man of about forty. They disguised themselves as German tourists and shared a heartbreaking story: they had just robbed on the street.

Their German was, of course, impeccable, the man, moreover, was clearly heard native Skorzeny’s Austrian accent, nothing suspicious. Actually it was scout and “Anke”.

Followed by another portion of libations, “Anke” just a little bit flirted with Skorzeny, and somehow by itself it turned out that the party and invited a few that have just left without money, Luggage and documents to his home to spend the night. Certainly, new acquaintances had some sort of charm that is impossible to resist. Sexual attraction between the two couples was downright to float in the air. At the very moment when all four crossed the threshold Skorzeny owned luxury villas, he turned around, pulled a gun and, pointing the barrel for “guests”, quite soberly and calmly announced: “I know who you are and why you’re here. You from “Mossad” and came to kill me.”

Scout, without batting an eye, retorted: “You are half right, buddy. We are really the “Mossad”, but if we wanted to kill you, you’d be dead in a couple of weeks”.

“Well, nothing, — Skorzeny grinned,’ I’m not going to wait that long to just finish you off”.

In their exchange of courtesies interfered with “Anke”: “If you kill us, then those who come after us will not be with you to drink, and will blow your brains out before you have time to see them. So remove the barrel and listen to our proposal”.

The pause lasted an eternity. Then Skorzeny, not lowering the weapon, asked: “What do you want? What’s the matter?” The scout explained that Israel needed some information and he is ready generously to pay for it. Favorite commando Hitler pondered awhile, then said that the money he had plenty and he was right. But you need something else:

— I want my name disappeared from the lists Wiesenthal.

Simon Wiesenthal, who lived in Vienna and who had become by that time a world-famous hunter of fugitive Nazis, Skorzeny was included in its register as a war criminal, but Skorzeny vehemently denied its involvement in such acts.

Of course, the Israelis never for a moment believed that obersturmbahnfuehrer SS right here never and never harmed a soul, but you had to buy time to complete the task. “Well, — he agreed, — that can be arranged. We’ll take care of it.”

In the end, Skorzeny dropped the weapon, and the Israelis had to pretend that he feels no aversion to SS.

“I knew immediately that this whole story of the robbery — nonsense, — said Skorzeny, familiar smile and a conspiratorial wink, “as a colleague — colleague”. Just a cover”.

The next difficult step was the organization of arrival of Skorzeny in Israel. Oversee the transaction, the RA arranged a secret flight to tel Aviv, where Skorzeny met with Harel. Skorzeny gave serious questioning, that the language of the scouts is called “briefing”, and issued instructions. During your stay in Israel Skorzeny drove to the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem. Skorzeny was silent and seemed impressed. He felt — and felt something — actually, we will never know. At some point one of the visitors suddenly pointed to Skorzeny finger and exclaimed in surprise: “But this Nazi bastard what have you forgotten?!”

RA’anan, a talented actor, in what must be every undercover intelligence officer, gently took the older man aside: “You are mistaken. This is my cousin and he survived the Catastrophe.”

Of course, many in the Israeli intelligence reasonably doubted that the famous Nazi so sincere and easy — “perekovka”. Whether the presence of his name in the list of Nazi war criminals so much excited him, the fact that he decided to rehabilitate his reputation? It can be assumed that the situation was much more prosaic. Skorzeny was no fool and realized that he must agree to work for Israel for money, nothing will prevent them in the future, after the assignment, to eliminate him. But thus, having shown remorse, he would rather buy myself a lifetime insurance. The Israelis at all desire will not be able to be confident until the end that he was faking. Time and life experience, changed circumstances often work wonders with the views of people, especially people smart, observant and adventurous. Intuitive or prudent, but Skorzeny played right.

Skorzeny soon showed itself as a responsible and reliable source. He went to Egypt and gave the Israelites complete and detailed lists of German scientists with addresses, working in the missile project. He also supplied the Mossad data of European companies, manufacturing and selling various components to Egypt for the Egyptian military programs. In this list was the company Heinz Circle from Munich.

RA’anan still led operation against Egyptian involved in the project of the German rocket scientists, but handed responsibility to contact Skorzeny with two other operatives, Rafi Eitan and the Abraham Ahituv.

Eitan was probably the most amazing person in the Mossad. It was called “Mr. the Kidnapping” for his role in the organization of the capture of Eichmann and others wanted by Israel of international criminals. Eitan was also involved in an incredible epic to obtain nuclear weapons, the details of which are still almost entirely classified. Eitan, among other things, in the 80-ies incurred is not decreasing and still the rage of Washington, being the curator of Jonathan Pollard, who gave Israel crucial information and sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States. It is noteworthy that the three decades of Israel constantly turned to each American President asking him to pardon Pollard, but has consistently been denied. Only recently Pollard, already terminally ill, razgovorova, but the question of his departure to Israel tighten, obviously waiting for his death. Eitan recently came out of “operational shadow”, unexpectedly becoming a member of the Israeli Parliament from the party of pensioners.

Eitan confirmed that he had contact with Skorzeny, however as he and other veterans of the intelligence, declined to give details.

Ahituv born in 1930 in Germany, similarly was involved in covert operations by Israel around the world. From 1974 to 1980 he was the head of counterintelligence “Shin bet”, also holds an incredible amount of secrets, and running, of course, hand in hand with Mossad.

The Mossad has indeed led the negotiations with Wiesentaler to remove the name Skorzeny from the notorious list, but the wiesental, which, in General, no surprise, firmly refused. The Mossad, acting in his usual manner, had forged a letter Wiesenthal addressed to Skorzeny, in which it was reported that obersturmbahnfuehrer now “clean”.

Meanwhile Skorzeny continued to impress the Israelites willingness to cooperate and, tellingly, the willingness to perform adventurous tasks. During a trip to Egypt he sent the parcel bombs. One of them killed five Egyptian rocket factory # 333, where he worked and German specialists.

Work to sabotage the Egyptian missile program has developed successfully: the majority of Germans under one pretext or another had left Egypt. Israel ceased to threaten and address the specialists, although a group of Israelis was arrested in Switzerland, where they “extruded” the family of one of the scientists. Scientist from Austria and the intelligence officer appeared before a Swiss court, but the judge caught — of course, quite by accident, sympathetic to fears of Israel against Egyptian rocket project, immediately acquitted. In the end, nobody was killed, this time.

However, the collaboration with Skorzeny caused understandable concerns. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, delivered after some time renown, furious, rightly pointing to: if that fact will give publicity, the reputation of Israel will suffer enormous damage and can suffer a very important contract to supply Israel with German made weapons. Harel in reply, threw it on the table to the Prime Minister his resignation, hoping that an old friend will persuade him to stay, but, to the surprise and disappointment of Harel, Ben-Gurion resignation has been accepted. The new head of Mossad, General, military intelligence officer Meir Amit, strongly have discontinued the use of “former” Nazis.

In spite of his Express prohibition, Amit at least once yet “activated” Skorzeny. Had to test the waters for secret peace talks, and instructed Skorzeny to involve high-ranking Egyptian official. But then nothing ever came.

Skorzeny himself never explained the reasons why agreed to work in Israel. In his memoirs, written later, not a word about Israel, but even the Jews are not mentioned even once at least in passing. The truth is that he did bet on his life insurance at the expense of Israel — and he got it. He died in his bed.

Skorzeny whole life I have felt a craving for dangerous adventure, he just couldn’t miss the opportunity to get involved in another adventure, and adventure, where he could with impunity, and for profit, to kill and to spread fear, was his essence, — the only way he could feel alive and young, regardless of actual age. And it does not matter who gives him that opportunity, Yes if they were at least a hundred times by the Jews! There are people who just have this “genetic code”. There’s nothing you can do about it. War and espionage give such a chance to become heroes, and war and espionage can’t do without them, whatever we thought about it and no matter how you turned noses. Well, finally, theoretically it is impossible to exclude that Skorzeny acted and partly from sentimental reasons. Some evidence indicates that he really was sorry for what he did in the war, if not everything, then that definitely does not pass on the “military valor”. And, although psychologists “Mossad” can not confirm it, psychology, and espionage is not an exact science. Perhaps he was guided by a complex cocktail of all the above. To learn whether this is so or not, and how, anymore.

67-year-old Skorzeny died in July 1975 in Madrid, ibid cremated and buried in the family crypt in the Austrian capital. The ceremony in Madrid was attended by dozens of veterans of the SS, salutava over the urn with his ashes in a gesture known as the Hitlergruß, the music of a favorite song of the Fuhrer. Fourteen awards received in the service of the Third Reich, bold black swastika gleaming, solemnly floated at the head of the procession.

Only one person present at the cremation in Madrid was not known to anyone from old friends and comrades. Out of habit he acted so that none of the guests, even laboriously, I could not clearly make out his face. It was Yosef Raanan, retired intelligence officer and became a successful entrepreneur.

Of course, the Mossad didn’t send RA’ananna on the funeral feast on Skorzeny. It was his personal initiative, and to answer for it in front of him and descendants. But perhaps it was a tribute of respect from one born in the Eastern German Reich warrior’s way, born ibid., tribute and appreciation to the scout to his agent.

Perhaps the most unusual, most dangerous, most disgusting, but the best that he had.

According to the materials Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, Haaretz, Israel, March 27, 2016

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