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What happened at the funeral Nancy Reagan

It’s — Nancy, wife of actor and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who declared the USSR an evil Empire and take advantage of the weakness of the Soviet leadership, destroyed the Union.

Despite a hostile attitude towards our country, I appreciate the work of Ronald as a benefit.

It is good that the USSR is no more, the commies piled up, and we live in a free and democratic country in the world. And of course, the contribution of Nancy Reagan in this process too. Anyway, the wife and first lady.

Что случилось на похоронах Нэнси Рейган
Photo: godfon.ru

March 6 this year Nancy died, having lived almost 95 years. Interesting life she had, read who are interested. But today I want to talk about something else — the politicians who showed up to Nancy to the funeral.

English-speaking segment of the Internet spread this picture:

Что случилось на похоронах Нэнси Рейган
Photo: Instagram

It — George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton. The President is a Republican and the wife Democrat-President, which itself is now running for the Democratic party.

George and Hillary were always political opponents. Anyway, so it was believed. Implacable enemies, rivals. The representatives of the two most authoritative and uncompromising political clans of America. Cost one to say something, the other immediately attacked with criticism.

For comparison, Bush and Clinton — that the oppositionist Navalny and chief propagandist of the Kremlin Vyacheslav Volodin. It’s hard to imagine them embracing, right?

However, George and Hillary are laughing and hugging. It is clear that they knew each other, close, and all their political differences — show for the public.

What is so angered American voters? Hypocrisy — people began to suspect that they were deceived.

Ordinary Americans — are very nice people. Though a bit naive. In this they are similar to us, Russian people. We are also overly trusting and perceived game of politics, their performances too seriously.

Why I don’t want to go into politics? Yes, simply because I do not wish to lose his conscience.

While nachitka Potupchik soseda in the gums with a get-together of the Echo of Moscow, while edinorossy Masha Kozhevnikova hugging on TNT with opposition figures, I understand that they all — with one mazany shit.

I do not believe the words of the opposition members — all of them are hypocrites and sit on the financial support of various funds and NGOs. I don’t believe and hurrah-patriots who are financed directly from the budget of the country.

All their differences — a bad performance, after which they together nadeyutsya in the trash in Semace.

How much money is spent on political shows in the world, I even feel afraid. Certainly, these funds can be cured from all the diseases of tropical Africa, to save millions of lives, to feed and water the hungry.

When I see a regular rally, politics, foaming at the mouth proving your “truths”, of the infuriated deputies, that understands: this view. Bad, vile, hypocritical show for rednecks.

And I am disgusted.

I do not always agree with what Putin is doing. But I — for him, at least just because he is the only person I trust. Believe that he is sincere. I believe Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, the head of the presidential administration Ivanov. And perhaps that’s it.

Reagan, by the way, I believe too. And then there was the Frenchman Charles de Gaulle airport. Too cool and sincere man.

What am I doing? Ah, Yes: which politicians do you believe? Whose sincerity I do not doubt you, even if you disagree with their views?

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