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Volkswagen will release 30 models of electric cars

Volkswagen выпустит 30 моделей электрокаровVolkswagen has planned to create 30 models of electric cars.

The German company intends in the next ten years to produce three dozen models with electric propulsion, which will take about a quarter of the market.

The idea of Matthias Mueller, by 2025 annual circulation of electric vehicles of the Volkswagen group will be 2-3 million copies. To be able to expand the model range of “green” vehicles the company plans to build a huge factory to produce batteries. The scale of this enterprise can be compared with Gigaparts Tesla.

Matthias Mueller expressed the view that, over time, to reduce the number of models and modular platforms. In addition, within five years the Volkswagen group is planning to release a fully Autonomous car, developed independently.

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