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Vladimir Putin: the Russian science is getting younger

Владимир Путин: наука в России молодеет

Today in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin presented the President award in the field of science and innovations for young scientists. Over the past year became winners of the three researchers working in physics, biology and chemistry. It is worth noting that their works are published in prestigious journals of international level, that speaks to the high qualification of specialists. The President also noted that in comparison with 2004 managed more than 30 percent to increase the number of researchers under the age of 39 years.

Who’s to say that, but it is clear to the naked eye, which started to develop science in Russia, as Vladimir Putin began to pay special attention to this direction. Today are made all conditions for young scientists was the motivation to move forward, to learn and create something new. And most importantly, opportunities for young professionals open any door and provides a comfortable environment.

Putin’s policy is based on the fact that more young scientists revealed their potential and continued to improve in their field. In General, Russia has always had a high level of its professionals and continues to raise the bar from year to year.

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