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Victims of poverty: the mother of the children killed in the fire in Kanashisa area, no money

Жертвы нищеты: у матери детей, погибших на пожаре в Кунашкаском районе, не было денег

In the Chelyabinsk region children pay for accumulated and not solved social problems. For three months during the fires in the region has killed 5 times more children than for the whole of 2015. The reason for this has largely been the fact that low-income families were left without any support from the outside.

As reported NDNews.ru in EMERCOM of Russia on the Chelyabinsk region, since the beginning of this year, fire killed 5 children. For all of last year was registered in the death of one child (though in medical facilities died even 4).

Recall the last tragedy occurred on 26 March in the village of Great Coach of kunashaksky municipal district. In a locked house burned brother and sister 3 and 5 years. The mother of the kids worked for days and asked a neighbor to watch the kids.

Upon a fire criminal case on the fact of causing death by negligence (part 3 of article 109 of the criminal code).

The investigators found that from December 2015, the children did not attend preschool institutions because of the lack of money in the family. The kids father is in prison.

In addition, for debts in the house the electricity was cut off in may of 2015. The woman had to decide the question of power supply detours that could cause fire.

Why a single mother forced to work for days, didn’t provide a free place in kindergarten remains a mystery.

The question of responsibility for the death of children not only mothers, but also of social protection bodies and local authorities ignored the problems of low-income families.

A similar situation is observed in other fires: four out of five dead children in the current year, lived in low-income families.

So, on 1 February in etkul district killed a boy of three, grandfather briefly left unattended. Suspected cause of the fire was Pooh. Before the tragedy lived in the house four adults and three children. None of the juvenile educational institution did not visit, kids often stayed home alone or under the supervision of his grandfather.

On February 14 in the village of rose Korkinskie district was a fire in a residential building, which was rented family, six months ago, arrived from Tajikistan. Due to the fact that the wood for heating did not have enough money, the room warmed by several appliances into one outlet. The fire killed 6-year-old girl, her mother and younger brother received injuries of varying severity.

After analyzing the situation, the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region noted that one of the ways to solve the problem of fire safety of low-income families with children could be the installation of Autonomous smoke fire detectors and other fire fighting equipment in their homes.

It is curious that the leadership of the Ministry of emergency situations addresses to everyone interested and not indifferent people and asks to take active measures in ensuring the safety of these families. Apparently, the authorities to help low-income not going.

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