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USA felt pointless freezing the level of oil production

США сочли бессмысленным замораживание уровня добычи нефти

USA don’t see the point in freezing of oil production at the level of January 2016, which discuss the largest oil exporters. As reported RIA Novosti, said the United States Secretary of energy Ernest Moniz.

“I’m not sure that means freezing, in any case, when in the market for a surplus, it makes no sense”, — he said.

Moniz also noted that the authorities in Washington have no legal tools to regulate oil production, and they do not intend to do so and to discuss the freeze of production from members of OPEC.

On February 24 the idea of freezing the production criticized the U.S. state Department. Special Advisor on international energy relations Department Amos Hochstein said that the market should be adjusted independently.

On 23 February, the Minister of oil of Saudi Arabia Ali al-Naimi said that the agreement to freeze production does not mean a future decline in production. At the same day Iran made several controversial statements, which are not agreed to freeze production. Against the background of these statements, oil prices fell by more than six percent to 32 dollars per barrel.

February 16, Russia and several OPEC members (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Venezuela) agreed to freeze oil production in order to support the quotation, subsided for a year and a half by 70 percent. The intention to join the agreement also said Iraq and Kuwait, and on February 20 was added to Nigeria.

The initiator was freezing Venezuela.

February 23, OPEC has invited the U.S. to join negotiations on freezing the level of oil production.

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