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US news: a weapon without permission was ordered?

Новости США: оружие без разрешения заказывали?

The theme of weapons in the USA, apparently, will remain open forever. The U.S. government has deepened so much in the decision of foreign policy problems that it ignores increasing exponentially the number of victims in a shooting in cities.

This is not surprising. Every year the number of States authorizing the carrying of weapons increases. Some of them have introduced a law allowing carry of a “firearm” without special permission. Currently such a privilege reached only in seven States, but June 5, 2016 this list was increased by one: West Virginia.

Recently, the authorities adopted a document that allows an adult to carry a gun in public without special permission. The law also provides some relief for adolescents. Previously they were forbidden to wear “firearms” in General throughout the state. Now, those ages 18 to 20 years old can obtain a special permit to wear.

Most of all in this situation surprises me is the fact that in the USA daily there are the incidents of firing. Besides the fact that murders are committed in the family circle, in the circle of friends and acquaintances, citizens manage to open fire in public places, a completely strangers.

Personally, for me, be allowed to carry weapons without permission is the same thing that to give himself into the hands of the crazy machine and say: “Go, kill who I want when I want”.

Such government policy will not lead to anything good. It was a little mass murder in the cinema or at school? Apparently, already forgotten, as dozens of people have left my life due to immature, mentally ill people who don’t care at all and everything.

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