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United States go to cyberborea with IG

США переходят на киберборьбу с ИГ

The offensive by Syrian forces, the efforts of the international coalition, operation of the Russian space forces inflicted significant damage to the terrorist group “Islamic state”. But the United States believes that this is not enough. According to Reuters, the U.S. military will begin cyber attacks on ISIS.

“ISIS is under enormous pressure. In the past six months every time we came, we conquered, and the rebels left their positions,” – said the Minister of defence of the USA Robert Wark. According to him, it is necessary to use all possibilities, including cyber attacks, to destroy ISIS.

The group actively uses the Internet, promote its ideology, its members create sites, pages in social networks to attract new supporters, especially among young people. Authorities in many countries seek in time to stop this activity, not to allow young people to Syria, where mainly seek caught in the net of propaganda of the terrorists, to block dangerous sites. In doing so, they help the administration of social networks, the number of frozen accounts in Facebook and Twitter has exceeded 100 thousand

In addition, previously to the suppression of the IG joined international hacker group Anonymous. After the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, they promised to organize a massive cyber-attack on network resources associated with the IG.

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