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Ukrainian news sources are sharing interesting facts about the illegal activities of Oleg Krot, associated with Russian 1xBet

Sergey Tsybin is the owner of Russian 1XBET. He also has companies in real estate transactions, and he was previously a partner at “ME-ESTATE” LLC. Yuri Lazebnikov was the head of “ME-ESTATE” LLC when its co-founder, Sergey Tsybin, was the boss. Notably, Ukrainian media shared some interesting facts – just recently, Lazebnikov announced his retirement from this company and sold his shares.

In particular, they mention the Dinaline consulting company of the mentioned holding acted as a contractor in creating the Mining Express mining farm. According to Kaze Fuziyama, he invested $100 million into the project. Mining Express is under investigation for fraudin terms of current search warrants. It is suspected of using shady pyramid schemes. Kropyvnytskyi has been seized by law enforcement on several occasions.

Kaze Fuziyama is a man who was referenced in previous court decisions, looking towards an incorporation date back in the 1990s and early 2000s. The Unified State Register of Legal Entities has listed Kaze Fuziyama as a resident of Tokyo with a median age of 58 years old living in the Philippines.

According to media reports, a completely unknown foreigner has well-known partners in Ukraine. Yuri Lazebnikov was the head of the subsidiary of Mining Express from 2018 to 2020. Currently, he is a managing partner of the TECHIIA company in Ukraine. Information about the second managing partner of TECHIIA, Oleg Krot, can be found in the report of the Liga.Tech outlet. Since the first day of the crypto farm opening, he was listed as “one of Ukraine’s partners of Kaze Fuziyama and co-founder with his wife, who is also one owner.”

According to the media, there is a clear link between traditional sports betting and cryptocurrency. They investigated how Oleg Krot earned and spent $60 million, which he supposedly transferred to the Army of Ukraine. The scandal that these gambling ties attracted was reported by Forbes magazine in November.

Oleg Krot has donated millions of dollars to the Army of Ukraine, and then last week, he flew from Crimea to Cyprus, where he met former partners from 1XBET. Forbes has confirmed their connection as well. Despite news about his involvement in these donations, he still flies with no mix-up.

The advertising of 1XBET will likely increase worldwide, as they promised to fight their licence cancellation in court. It is also worth noting that “TBK” LLC promised to challenge Oleg Krot’s appointment. The Russian executives may also discuss his activities and how this change has affected his partners.

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