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Twilight over the Kuzbass

Сумерки над Кузбассом

160 years have passed since the start of coal production on the territory of our city, produced millions of tons of coal. Kiselevsk was formed from three villages in 1936. In Soviet times our city was flourishing: to build new homes, hospitals, open new mines and factories, more jobs. The people who worked for 10 years, received a spacious apartment in the Stalin houses, earned enough money to provide for their large families. The majority of jobs were in some way connected with coal mining. Almost the entire city, which we now see was built by 60 years. At the same time was reached the maximum population in its history of 142 thousand people.

Сумерки над Кузбассом

Let’s look at what a similar situation in Kiselyovsk today. Consider, as a basis, we will be the coal industry, since then, and now she is the backbone of the city, justifying its creation and existence.

Before perestroika in Kiselevsk operated several mines: the mine them. Vakhrusheva, “Kiselevskaya”, “Far mountain”, “Krasnokamensk”, “Red Kuzbass”, “Cherkisovskaya”, “Taibinskaya”, “mine №12” and “Cortega”.

The country came to capitalism, “saving” the market economy and everything changed, now instead of the closed mining method, used coal mining only in an open way, so now there are only cuts. This makes the city a living hell. There are a number of reasons, here are some of them. The capitalist does not think about nature and its condition, the people that live here and work for him, the main thing for him – profit and minimizing costs, no matter what ways and under what victims. The city turned into a small settlement between the giant quarries. Now scarred the land more than the whole. Houses are demolished not because of their unsuitability, but to expand production. People are afraid that the city is soon going to be demolished. Every day you can hear the explosions, tons of dust up in the air and falls on the entire city. Breathe, winter in the city is hard to find at least a handful of pure snow. On the Windows accumulates so much dust that they have to wash more frequently than to look at them. The environmental situation in Kiselevsk already at the brink of disaster.

Here are some photos. The picture is quite typical for our town, mutilated by explosions and bulldozers:

Сумерки над Кузбассом

Сумерки над Кузбассом

Сумерки над Кузбассом

In addition to environmental problems the city has another problem. The incisions don’t require a lot of manpower. For the capitalist employee – “necessary evil” with which to contend. To deal with the fact of his existence, but not trying to minimize the impact of this factor on the enrichment process.
Here is the official urban statistics for large enterprises Kiselevsky urban district operating in 2011:

Сумерки над Кузбассом

The table shows that as at 2011 the city has worked several mines (they are bold). Other companies engaged in the mining of coal by open method, for which, judging by the table, is characterized by a significant increase in production per worker. It turns out that coal mines are guided solely by concern for the profit shifting to open pit mines, despite the threat environment, rising unemployment, and consequently social degradation.

Сумерки над Кузбассом

The population is dying out, the number of employees in the coal mines also declined, but the coal production is growing exponentially. For example, my small town you can see the progress of the dream of Adolf Hitler and his henchmen about the transformation of Russia into a raw colony:

“You are sent there not to work for the welfare of the peoples entrusted to you, and to extort all possible. I intend to plunder and effectively. All that can be fit, must be extracted and delivered at lightning speed…”
(C) G. Goering.

“Year on year our district is changing and becoming prettier: growing residential neighborhoods, new cozy place for a family holiday, often one can hear children’s laughter, come up with wonderful traditions”
– Sergei Lavrentyev, the head of the city of Kiselevsk.

“Every year it [the city] is becoming more beautiful, brighter, more interesting”.
– Anna D. Semenov, excellent health, honored doctor of the Russian Federation.

Examples of such statements representatives of the ruling elite mass, not only in Kiselevsk, but in the Kuzbass region and throughout Russia. It seems that we live in different worlds. However, I have no way to suspect those distinguished gentlemen of insincerity. The fact is that there is a total deformation of the consciousness of representatives of Russian officialdom, the reason is due to the irresponsible permissiveness. New landlords, having received the territory for feeding, long been merged with the crime, and operate, directly violating all the norms of morality. The police force provides support to the authorities in the suppression of a population humiliated, spit on the law.

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The logic of the Nouveau riche blasphemous, they don’t associate themselves with the country in which he lives, with the territory run, their goal is to monetize allotted to them at the time the administrative resource in order subsequently to move to a foreign Villa and to live happily. “Being determines consciousness,” as Marx said
And what about working people? He has long been accustomed to the disenfranchised position of a serf. It is serfdom, because, contrary to liberal reforms have kept their ancient ideas about labour as the source of their being, the same moral imperatives, through which not in a condition to cross, and therefore oppressed, disempowered, deprived of livelihood, removed from life and sent to the dustbin of history. Here are the words of A. B. Chubais: “Well, 30 million will die — they do not fit into the market”? Don’t want to talk about obviously terrible figure, they announced, but what even spiritual mentors of Anatoly Chubais from the Third Reich were more modest in estimations of the losses of the civilian population in the plans of colonization of Russia. Interesting, in my opinion, would be to consider another point: what is the quality of the ideologist of Russian liberalism refers to the terms “market” and “capitalism”?

After the bourgeois counter-revolution of 1991, the government seized the capitalist class is a parasitic class that exploits wage earners, alienating the results of their work. Plunging the population into poverty, a new bourgeois convincingly demonstrated regressive and oligarchical traits imposed their lifestyles. At the same time, we must bear in mind, capitalism exists solely at the expense of robbery of the population, the vast majority of which came under the press operation regardless of the particular their professional, qualification, sectoral and territorial affiliation.
The restoration of capitalism inevitably resulted in deformation of branch structure of economy, the destruction of old organizational relationships and resulted in massive degradation of production. This has led to enormous growth of the army of the “extra people”. Moreover, for the neoliberal elite and hastily knocked it States “extra” was not only unemployed, but also pensioners. In the first half of the 1990s some members of the governments of Yeltsin — Gaidar and then Chernomyrdin had publicly declared the desire of the early extinction of a whole generation of veterans:

“Nothing serious that some pensioners will become extinct, but the society becomes more mobile”
(C) Yegor Gaidar.

Also a logical consequence of the implementation in Russia of the XXI century liberal capitalism became the total impoverishment of the workers. The scale of the impoverishment brought to the extreme point, and it is among the population employed employment to one permanent place of work, the only source of income is wages. Moreover, the criterion of poverty the inhuman: physiological survival.

Because this criterion remains the ruling regime quite deliberately, then we must admit that the Russian state after the restoration of capitalism deliberately creates the installation at discrediting the work. For this purpose, not only a means of spiritual skopleniya people, but all the power of economic tools. It is difficult to find sanity in this behavior of the bourgeois class and its state. It is necessary to assume one thing: because labor in the USSR was “a matter of honor, glory, valor and heroism” (I. V. Stalin), then trying to burn to the ground from the surrounding reality all socialist principles and beginning, restorers of capitalism are ready to cut the branch on which they were able to reach. That is why programs are being implemented that destroy all value of labor in the minds of the population. Such a policy is not enough to call it regressive. This is the real crime against humanity.

There is no justification for those political forces that are able to fully support modern and humane regime of the restoration of capitalism. If you do not agree with destined fate, the Union of Communists offers to realize himself as a proletarian political class, to remember that we are people who have not only duties, but also of natural law, and to fight for the future by all available means.

I. Kiselev, D. Dorofeev

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