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Toyota presented a new sport coupe

Toyota презентовала новое спорткупеThe Japanese have updated a budget sports car the Toyota 86.

The official presentation of the Japanese Toyota 86 took place last week.

Budget version of the sports novelties appeared before potential buyers with the presence of the body and two doors.

According to Tetsudo Tada, who is currently the chief engineer of the Toyota company, the new model got some technical updates, which makes it even more convenient. The design of the car, as the technical equipment has undergone some changes.

The driver will not need much time to see and appreciate all the advantages of the upgraded new products. Car brand Toyota 86 now has the updated front and rear bumpers and modified front and rear optics. At the bottom of the bumper manufacturers installed fog lights.

In relation to the design of the car its elegance was not lost, however, he began to look much more powerful and overall, as befits a quality sports model.

Under the hood was installed the engine, whose power is equal to 207 horsepower capable of operating with both manual transmission and with automatic transmission. The peak power of the power plant can reach 7 thousand revs.

Toyota презентовала новое спорткупе

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