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Toyota increases the power reserve batteries in the new plug-in hybrid Prius

Toyota увеличивает запас хода на аккумуляторах нового плагин гибрида Prius

Toyota introduced a new version of its plug-in hybrid Prius, which compared with the predecessor, more than doubled the range of the battery (electric mode EV).

The automaker showed the car at the new York auto show, nearly a year after the cessation of production of the previous model.

The plug-in Prius can travel more than 50 miles on the batteries, twice longer than previous version, according to the Toyota statement. Also now in pure electric mode the car can reach higher speeds up to 135 km/h.

The plug-in Prius is equipped with 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine, which still provides the estimated cost of 1.4 liters/100 km, better efficiency for any of the current plug-in hybrids, says Toyota. The emissions model is equal to 32 g/km of CO2.

Compared with the previous model, fuel consumption was reduced by 26 percent, which is achieved due to increased lithium-ion battery capacity of 8.8 kW.h, and the new drive system, the thrust of which is obtained from the electric motor and generator that increases the acceleration and performance in General. The plug-in Prius will also be able to automatically switch to electricity, even when it doesn’t go in electric mode in those situations when it is more efficient.

For comparison, competitors offer the following figures. Plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion Energi increased its reserve battery to 30.5 km, and Audi A3 e-tron offers 26 km, However, a cruising range of the Prius in electric mode less than other plug-in hybrids such as General Motors’s Chevrolet Volt, which offers 85 km Plug-in hybrid Hyundai Sonata with a power reserve of 43.4 km is almost on a par with the Prius.

Toyota describes the plug-in Prius as the vehicle with the “chiseled profile and sharp feature lines” that give it a great, streamlined become. Compared with the previous model, the new plug is longer than 165 mm, wider by 15 mm and below 20 mm.

European sales of the Prius plug-in hybrid will start towards the end of the year, according to Toyota. Accordingly, the dealers of Toyota, it will appear in the next year.

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