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To monitor the health of British pensioners will charge trash cans

Следить за здоровьем британских пенсионеров поручат мусорным бакам

In the UK there will be dumpsters, which with the help of sensors will ensure that residents are regularly advanced years were rubbish. If the retiree will not fill a container in two weeks, the unit will notify the medical staff, writes The Telegraph.

The innovation was an initiative of the charitable Foundation Nesta and the government established in 2013 a Network for the transformation of public services.

Experts predict that in the next 10 years the sensors will be equipped with all the trash cans in the country.

According to the publication, the sensors in the containers are already used in bath and northeast Somerset (Somerset County). They allow services for the collection and disposal of waste to determine the fullness of the tanks.

The authorities believe that the device would allow municipalities to save per year to 14.7 million pounds (about 21 million) — this happens due to the reduction in the number of officers.

In April 2015 it became known that in Moscow there will be a robot-companion for single pensioners. The project proposed by one of the resident companies of the SKOLKOVO science. The device can read poetry, tell jokes or the latest news.

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