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To Minecraft: Story Mode will be released in three episodes

К Minecraft: Story Mode выйдут еще три эпизодаThe fifth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode coming out in late March.

It seems that the collaboration with Mojang amazing impact on not loving the haste Telltale Games. Not only that, the Studio relatively quickly released the first four episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, so now the additional three series intends to publish in the same year.

According to the developers, we will have three “brand new” the adventures of Jesse and his companions. The episodes will be formally considered as Addons to the season, so to play them, you will need to have at least the first part of Minecraft: Story Mode. A little later, the Studio plans to distribute separate season pass, which includes Episodes 6-8.

And another good news finally: Telltale Games has called the release date for Minecraft: Story Mode — Episode 5: Order Up! Now the final episode of the series will be released March 29 on Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

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