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This variety of cabbage protects from cancer – scientists

Этот сорт капусты защищает от онкологии - ученыеPreviously, scientists had insisted on the regular use of broccoli, but now they came to the conclusion that Kale is much more effective in protecting against cancer.

Natural sulfur substance that when cutting cabbage turns into mustard oil, protect the body from cancer, says the Chronicle.Info with reference to Comments.

Until recently it was believed that the wealth of vitamins and minerals broccoli is the best natural remedy for cancer. However, German researchers have shown that the unrivalled leader among vegetables – Kale, which is cultivated in Europe for millennia and is part of the national cuisine in many countries around the Baltic and North seas.

A group of German scientists from the universities of Oldenburg and Bremen investigated the composition of the 40 different varieties of cabbage from Germany, Italy and the United States for the content of glucosinolates. It is a natural sulfur substance that when cutting cabbage turn into mustard oil. In addition to the characteristic bitter-spicy taste they serve to protect the body from cancer. The result of the study showed that most mustard oils highlights curly Kale.

The next step is to grow varieties of cabbage, which would combine the greatest benefit and best taste.

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