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These funny Ukrainian revolutionaries

Let’s be honest: the situation in Ukraine is not only tragic, but also funny. Really: people want to do better for myself and all the people, and only made it worse. And not just worse, and worse several times. “Heroically” deposed Prime Minister Mykola Azarov recently sarcastically commented “the achievements of the” Maidan”: “When I was 8 hryvnia per dollar for four years in a row, and after the Maidan during the year – 28.”

Today pension in Ukraine is $ 50, salary – 200. And the price for gas for the population increased by 7 times, increased significantly and other utilities. Actually now it takes my whole pension to pay for the communal. Probably, the Ukrainian government is not afraid of the pensioners, put them in such conditions. Thinks – they’re old, decrepit, and the government “omeganet” will not. But I would advise them to watch the movie “Voroshilov sharpshooter” with Mikhail Ulyanov in a leading role, God rest his soul. Military retirees – they mind, maybe not, but if they pester…

The supply of coal from South Africa – it’s all “the song”. Buy 2 times more expensive and 3 times worse, if only Donetsk and Lugansk at least a bit annoyed! Enterprises oriented toward cooperation with Russia on the verge of bankruptcy. Block the Crimea, yay! Blocked 1% of the Crimean border and jump for joy. Block Russian trucks, yay! And then whack – the trouble came from not waiting for – Russia has taken and blocked in response, the Ukrainian trucks. Stupid scratched their heads and dismissed the Russians. Those now take detours, Belarusians and poles happily count sharply increased revenues from transit.

And most of all it’s funny that aspired to European values and come, in fact, completely in the opposite direction – to Stalinism. Prisons filled with dissidents, prohibits “suspicious” books, movies, TV channels; in Eastern regularly hosts large-scale Stripping. About the independence of the courts and no speech, political repression are thriving and the hunt for “enemies of the people”. Here only Stalin’s industrialization has not seen. Ukraine is rapidly becoming the poorest, poor and unpredictable country in Europe…

 Эти забавные украинские революционеры

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