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There is information about the cancellation of the release Half-Life 3

Появилась информация об отмене релиза Half-Life 3According to rumors the game was developed for a new virtual reality platform to the HTC Vive.

In the network appeared unconfirmed information about the cancellation of the release of Half-Life, which is scheduled in 2016. Despite the lack of official announcement of Valve’s anonymous sources reported that the long-awaited third part of a series already long in development and was to appear later this year.

According to rumors the game was developed for the new platform of virtual reality and HTC Vive, which will go on sale April 5. However, the developers decided not to rush things and take a little more time. And one key reason was the care Marc Laidlaw (Marc Laidlaw), the main scriptwriter of the series.

It is noteworthy that Laidlaw himself has said that Half-Life 3 will definitely not be doing exclusive to virtual reality. After his departure said not to give statements about the series or other project developers, because now everything is in the hands of Valve.

“The only reason we would have released the classic product, is if all the people at Valve said that want it and would provide valid arguments why. But if you want to make another Half-Life and to forget all that they learned in Portal 2 and the updates to it, it could be a bad decision. So we just continue to move on. But it does not necessarily mean something that people dread,” noted Newell.

Rumor has it that the release of the third part has been postponed till 2018. In other words, gamers have to be patient. However, even if the rumors are without Foundation, J. J. Abrams (J J Abrams) previously promised to please fans of the film adaptations of Valve’s Half-Life and Portal, over which he works jointly with the company for several years.

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