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Theatre London uses lasers, so that people didn’t use telephones

Mobile phones were invented to unite us when we are at a distance from close family members. However, we often forget this, and even when you are close with your family, we still are distracted by mobile devices, often thus showing ignorance. In one of the theatres of London, where the audience can often interfere with phones and speakers, and sitting next to the audience, decided to deal with this problem.

Interestingly, in the London theatre Jermyn street decided to abandon the “caps” of the signal and severe control, arguing that there is a much more effective way. The administration has decided to focus, ironically, on the rules of propriety. At the nearest performances will be used special lasers. When they will fix the person with a working telephone in the hall, the laser will immediately turn on and illuminate the person until, until it will turn off or hide the phone. It is expected that the offender will be given all the attention of the audience, making, thus, indifferent to the use of the phone all the visitors of the theatre.

Artistic Director of Jermyn street, Anthony Biggs (Anthony Biggs), on the eve of this innovation said: “the Use of mobile phones during performances has become a very common phenomenon. It’s distracting as the actors on stage (if this is a call ringtone), and sitting in the audience of visitors still turned off the phone. And another problem is that often people from the audience, which distract other people’s phones, just too shy to ask someone to shut it off. Our lasers have to solve this problem. I hope that the possibility of sudden publicity will force you to think a hundred times every visitor about whether or not to use the phone”. Note that not so long ago known for his role as Sherlock Holmes actor Benedict Cumberbatch condemned the use of mobile phones in the theatre, urging people who love their phones, not to appear on his performances.

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