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The world will see a banknote with the President?

Мир увидит банкноты с президентом?

When in the distant, the country was plundered everything there was to plunder, and it was the devastation there, the question arose: how to live ? To move to live in another country with their corrupt officials find it difficult – they are all “smeared”. Could only continue to print money to make another “cut” to buy in “lured” banks currency (of course, at a very favorable rate) and display it in the offshore.

It is probably very warm when you live in one country and the money is in offshore banks in other countries… However, corrupt the distant country, probably more than once woke up in the night from fear that their offshore accounts were arrested. So-it’s long overdue !..

In General corrupt the country even afraid to leave the native land, as abroad, they can just arrest. And for a variety of acts…

So they have to adapt to the economic situation into which they have plunged their unfortunate country.

One of the ways in which they chose to continue printing money, supposedly for the economic development of their country. They broadcast through the cowardly and corrupt mass media that will procure new equipment and implement new technologies into production. By the way, the corrupt officials promise their people for decades. And things are there !

But back to their money. I was not wrong. It’s necessary to conduct it is about “their” money. Because they print them, distribute themselves in their banks and themselves divided between their companies and the companies of their friends and associates.

It is noteworthy that using the “pocket” of economists corrupt workers inspire thoughts about the imminent growth of GDP of their country, the fall of inflation and other crap that naively believe the voters of their country.

So, the most interesting is that a large amount of additional money the corrupt, distant, countries can’t print physically. Capacity of their printing press is not enough.

And how are they going to get out of this situation ? Maybe allow concurrent circulation in the country of United States dollars or euros ? No, they will go the other way.

Corrupt officials of the country, probably thinking of their citizens idiots decided to print new notes. Of zeros on the banknotes will not be added. But will change their value.

So now instead of 1000 Aboubacar” their population will see banknotes in “3000 aboubakar”. And not to print 10,000 aboubakar”, which will be evidence of significant impairment of local money, the corrupt officials want to issue the bills “7000 aboubakar”. Agree, they found an original way of cheating the electorate.

Well, which picture are corrupt the country will print on the new banknotes ? They say on the banknote with a value of 3000 Aboubacar” will be displayed first President of their country, proclaiming a toast to the health of the nation.

And the banknote “7000 Aboubacar” will depict the last President of their country in dark glasses, like Pinochet. It’s not because he so much loves his punitive part, which is only half their army, but because before the election he will be ashamed to look into the eyes of the working people.

It seems that the Russian bankers and financiers will have to carefully study this foreign experience, not to make any mistakes in our country.

P. S. Here’s a story is happening now in far away country. Especially for “vigilant citizens” to specify that this comic material is a satire !

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