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The tourist was told about the hard landing of the aircraft “under the prayers of stewardesses”

The tourist was told about the hard landing of the aircraft “under the prayers of stewardesses”

According to the Petersburger, flying to Phuket the plane allegedly refused one of the engines.

The Azur Air, flying from Moscow to Phuket on February 25 made an emergency landing in Tashkent, presumably because of the failure of one engine, said the Petersburger Marina Sharova. She told Life78 that experienced passengers of the flight.


The problems started even before departure.


Туристка рассказала о жесткой посадке самолета «под молитвы стюардесс»

At 11.35 were in Moscow, were the flight is delayed until 18, felt sad, but, with clenched teeth sat. Then sat until 21, then to 22.05. Flew eventually at 22.35, exhausted in 11 hours, Domodedovo home. Nothing wrong was suspected, although some passengers knew the plane was repaired. On the plane, the crew apologized for the alleged “emergency maintenance of the aircraft,” – said Marina.

According to her, four hours after the flight went smoothly.

– 2.30 Moscow Wake up from a loud message by the steward. Almost verbatim: “We are forced to make an emergency landing, put on all warm things, bags can not take, remember the emergency exits, shruberries – knees together, head down, hands on the seat in front of you. When planting can occur several hard kicks, while descending from the ladder run from the plane as far as possible”. And here these words coming out of a trance I started to panic. All like a dream, with trembling hands I begin to dress, frantically to think, what to take and what could happen. Dropping off the phones, passports, money in their pockets and Valera, Marina says.

She said that the stewards said that the staffing situation, and the captain did not contact.

– Flight attendants are in a panic, someone crying, many are praying, we are told that the plane will be circling hour over Tashkent and to develop fuel before an emergency landing. Well honestly, I already said goodbye to everyone and mentally, she started to cry and gasp, but Valerie tried to calm and said that I scare people, although he’s terrified to fly. In the end we make a hard landing, accompanied by the monotonous “prayer” stewardesses -grouped, head down, grouped and someone screams inadequate to 15 meters, 10 meters, – says Marina.

When boarding passengers felt two hard hitting, said the woman.

– There was a feeling that the plane was rolled out for the runway, but competent pilots have saved the lives of us and another 327 people, – says Marina.

According to her, after landing, passengers sat in the plane for about an hour, and then another 13 hours in the airport transit area.


Туристка рассказала о жесткой посадке самолета «под молитвы стюардесс»

– Water gave out after almost five hours,and then at the cups, fed seven hours later. The conditions were those still – stuffy, the toilets are not closed, water by $ 1.5, to charge the phone – no outlets, no wifi, the connection will not quit. Representatives of the Embassy, who arrived to “help” all questions answered “not in our jurisdiction”. Many people have handed over nerves – someone was drunk, someone was handing out ultimatums, someone took it and bought tickets to Moscow at their own expense, – says Marina.

Information about flight to Phuket, she said, was changed every 15 minutes.

– As it turned out from a good literate person, namely, a military pilot by training, before the flight was repaired oil filter, but during the flight there was some cotton in the engine, it failed and the pilots shut it off to avoid fire. It was an uncontrolled fall from 10 thousand meters to 3 thousand meters. Then the captain took control of the airplane, and landed the plane with one working engine, – Marina remembers.

There is, however, ended the story well and now the woman enjoys the rest.

– What can I say, these two days have been hell. And we are as if born anew. Thank you Lord that has saved us. So you start to appreciate every moment and life in General. Because we are now in spite of everything, swimming in marushka, bask and breathe deeply, enjoy life. The story “thank God I’m alive,” says Marina.

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