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Chronicle of major plane crashes

Хроника крупнейших авиакатастроф

The biggest accidents in aviation history over the past 15 years

Flying from Dubai FlyDubai plane crashed near Rostov-on-don when coming to town. The aircraft landed in conditions of poor visibility and fell in 50-100 meters from the runway. Onboard “Boeing”, according to the latest data there were 62 people. They all died. “Ribbon.ru”, using the information of open sources, remember the biggest disaster..

October 31, 2015. The Airbus A321 companies “Kogalymavia” flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed several minutes after takeoff. All 224 people (mostly Russians) who were onboard, were lost. The cause of the accident was a terrorist attack. The responsibility for the catastrophe took on the militant group “wilayat Sinai” sworn allegiance banned in Russia the terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

March 24, 2015. Airbus A-320’s low-cost carrier Germanwings, subsidiaries of Lufthansa, carrying out flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf, crashed in the French Alps. On Board were 150 people, including six crew members. They all died. As it turned out, during the flight the pilot Andreas Lubitz locked the door to the cockpit when the captain went out, and, as considers a consequence, deliberately sent the ship down. During the investigation it became clear that Lubic, a German citizen, in the past suffered from depression and was treated for suicidal. In his apartment in düsseldorf investigators found psychotropic drugs. It was also found that on March 24, the day of the flight, the pilot was supposed to be on sick leave. In addition, it became known that shortly before the crash, he broke up with his girlfriend.

July 17, 2014.. Near the village of Hrabovo (near the town of Torez, Donetsk region of Ukraine) fell the Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines. The plane carried out flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Board were 283 passengers and 15 crew members. As the plane flew over the zone of active hostilities between the Armed forces of Ukraine and Donbass militias, both sides accuse each other of deliberately destruction of the aircraft missile attack from the ground or from the air.

March 8, 2014. Over the South China sea lost contact with Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines, EN route from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing. Presumably, on Board were deliberately disabled communications systems. On Board were 239 people. Later the plane was fixed radars in the Malacca Strait, nearly 500 kilometers West of the last point at which it made itself felt. After turning off the identification systems of the aircraft for at least another 7 hours was kept in the air, and then vanished. Despite large-scale search operation, to locate the crash site and failed. The reasons why the plane disappeared, has not been established so far. The main version of the incident is theft by unknown persons, probably with the aim of a terrorist attack.

November 17, 2013. Boeing 737 airline “Tatarstan”, flying from Moscow, crashed while landing in Kazan. As a result of crash were lost all 50 people aboard. Among them was the son of the President of Tatarstan Irek Minnikhanov and head of Federal security service administration of the region Alexander Antonov. The investigation revealed that from-for wrong actions of the crew, entering the second circle, the plane started a climb, high angle of attack and lost speed. Then abruptly the pilot gave a steering wheel from itself, resulting in the Boeing went into a vertical dive and crashed into the ground.

April 2, 2012. The plane ATR-72 of UTair airlines crashed in takeoff at Tyumen’s airport Roshchino. On Board were 43 people. The crash killed 33 people, including the entire crew. The cause of the accident was the icing of the plane and crew error.

September 7, 2011. The aircraft Yak-42 crashed on takeoff near Yaroslavl. Of the 45 people aboard, killing 44, including players of the Yaroslavl hockey club “Lokomotiv”. Only surviving engineer on aviation and radio service Alexander Sizov. The immediate cause of the disaster called the brake pedals during takeoff of the aircraft.

June 20, 2011. Near Petrozavodsk crashed Tu-134 of airline “Ruseyr”. According to experts, the cause of the fall was neslazhenno the crew and the difficult weather conditions. Killed 47 people, including eight crew members. All on Board were 52 people.

April 10, 2010. Crashed near Smolensk Tu-154 Polish air force. Then killed 96 people. Onboard were Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, almost all of the army command of the country, politicians, prominent public and religious figures. The plane was flying in heavy fog, about what was informed the crew. Pilots were asked to land on an alternate airfield, but they refused. The plane has touched trees, turned around and began to fall apart in the air. According to the official version, the accident was caused by crew error. The Polish authorities claim that the pilots were forced to sit in such conditions the Russian managers.

June 1, 2009. In the Atlantic fell airliner A330-203 Air France, flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. On Board were 12 crew members and 216 passengers. The event has become the biggest disaster in the history of the airline. When flying at flight level spontaneously disconnected the autopilot because of the refusal of frosted Pitot tubes (speed sensors). The crew was confused and failed to engage in the management, resulting in stalling of the machine.

14 September 2008. “Boeing 737” Russian “Aeroflot-Nord”, flying from Moscow to Perm, crashed to the ground when landing. The plane did not get to the airport about 11 kilometers. From blow the plane has completely collapsed. Were onboard 88 persons were lost. According to official data, the plane crashed due to pilot error during landing airliner in manual mode.

July 18, 2007. At the airport of Sao Paulo crashed A320-233, Brazilian airline TAM airlines, who arrived from Porto Alegre. The plane landed on the runway, slid off it and crashed into the airport building. The earthquake killed 181 passengers, 6 crew and 12 people on earth. The exact cause of the accident is still not installed, considered to be the most likely crew error management modes of the engines in conjunction with a wet bar.

August 22, 2006. Tu-154 of “Pulkovo airlines”, carrying out flight Anapa — St. Petersburg crashed near Donetsk. The plane crash claimed the lives of 170 people. The cause of the accident was crew error and severe weather conditions.

July 9, 2006. In Irkutsk crashed Airbus A310-324 S7 Airlines. The aircraft failed to stop on the runway of the airport, rolled over and crashed into a garage complex. The disaster of the 203 people aboard, killing 125. After investigation it was declared that the cause of aviaperelety was the erroneous and uncontrolled actions of crew.

August 24, 2004. Two Russian Tu-134 and Tu-154 exploded in the air at intervals of one minute. Departing from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport, the planes were blown up by terrorists-suicide bombers. As a result of the disaster killed 89 people. Responsibility for the blasts took over the terrorist organization “brigade of Islambuli”, but later Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev stated that the preparation of the terrorist acts he was engaged.

February 19, 2003. Under Kerman (Iran) crashed into a mountain military transport aircraft Il-76MD that belonged to aviation of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Onboard there were 254 persons (mostly from the 11th brigade ) and 11 crew members. The cause of the fall was the overloading of the aircraft and the errors of piloting in adverse weather conditions.

July 1, 2002. In Germany, near lake Constance air collision Tu-154 “Bashkir airlines” and cargo Boeing 757 belonging to DHL. As a result of the disaster killed everyone on Board both planes 71 people, including 52 children. The cause of the incident was the mistake of an air traffic controller.

May 25, 2002. Over the Taiwan Strait off the tail of the plane Boeing 747-209B China airlines Airways. Onboard there were 206 passengers and 19 crew members. The cause of the disaster became fatigue changes in the metal caused by including non-standard landing 1980-th year, when the plane “hit” the tail on the runway of the airport of Hong Kong.

On 12 November 2001. Aircraft A300B4-605R American Airlines, was heading to Santo Domingo, fell through 106 seconds after takeoff from the airport of a name of John Kennedy. The liner has collapsed on new York area of Queens. In the crash killed 251 passengers, 9 crew members and 5 people on earth. Launched in the fall of 2001 after the collapse of the twin towers, the war against terrorism for a long time were forced to find a terrorist trace in the crash, but it was later revealed that the reason was the sensitivity of the elevators, which the pilots tried to compensate for perturbations from the Wake trace in front of him taking off Japanese aircraft.

October 4, 2001. The plane of airline “Siberia”, flying from tel Aviv to Novosibirsk, exploded at an altitude of 11 kilometres, and crashed into the Black sea near Novorossiysk. On Board were 66 passengers and 12 crew members were killed. According to the conclusion of the Interstate aviation Committee, the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile during the exercise, which took place on the Crimean Peninsula.

September 11, 2001. The most famous attack in the air, which killed nearly 3 thousand lives, occurred on 11 September 2001. That morning a group of 19 terrorists hijacked four aircraft. Two of them were aimed at the world trade center towers that led to the complete destruction of the skyscrapers. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon near Washington and a fourth fell near the town of Shanksville in Pennsylvania.

July 4, 2001. Tu-154 of airline “Vladivostok Avia” flying flight Ekaterinburg — Irkutsk — Vladivostok, crashed during a night landing approach at the airport of Irkutsk. As a result of the disaster killed aboard 145 people. The cause of the accident were identified as erroneous actions of the crew.

January 20, 2000. Because of erroneous actions of the crew with false alarms the signal for the stall in Gulf of Guinea collapsed Kenyan A310 took off from Abidjan (ivory coast) to Nairobi (Kenya). Onboard there were 179 people, including 10 crew members. The car fell in shallow water (40-50 meters) and fishing boats managed to pull out 12 people, but two later died from injuries and burns.

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