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The state Department admitted in convincing the business community to withdraw from the Affairs with Russia

Госдеп признался в убеждении бизнес-сообщества отказаться от дел с Россией

The U.S. state Department confirmed the information that are working with business in the United States, the European Union (EU) and worldwide to convince the company not to do business with Russia “as usual”. About it RIA Novosti said the representative of the American foreign Ministry.

“We continue to be very clear in communicating with companies in the U.S. that the return to normal conduct of Affairs with Russia carries risks, both economic and reputational,” said he. According to the representative of the state Department, this is part of an overall strategy, including “sanctions, restrictive measures and a reduction in diplomatic communication”.

The Agency source in Bank circles of the USA confirmed that the banks in the U.S. received the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance and the fed does not participate in the placement of Russian Eurobonds due to their potential political risks. “This is a recommendation, not a ban,” he said.

February 25, the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov said that the warning to U.S. authorities, addressed to the investment banks, will not affect the value of securities and the possibility of their realization. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in turn, said that the Kremlin does not have confirmation of media reports on this issue.

That the United States authorities have warned major banks from participating in the placement of Russian sovereign bonds, 25 February, reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. According to the publication, the state Department reported that “private companies in the U.S., the EU and the world should understand that Russia will remain a market with a high degree of risk” to stabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Russia, according to the newspaper, was invited to participate in the placement of its bonds on the European and Chinese banks, as well as a number of U.S. financial institutions, including Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

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