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The Russians were more afraid

Россияне стали больше бояться

The top three problems, which the Russians believe the most likely amounted to international conflicts, price increases or the disappearance of familiar products, as well as the growth of crime, sociologists reported the results of a survey conducted by VTSIOM.

Although most of the concerns of the survey participants cause of possible international conflicts, social scientists, analyzing the dynamics of moods from November to January, stated that the urgency of the problem of international tension is reduced.

According to the survey, most (67%) of Russians fear associated with potential international conflicts and tensions on the world stage. Price increase or disappearance of usual commodities and the devaluation of savings waiting nearly two thirds (63%) of respondents.

According to half (50%) of the survey participants, in the current situation, possible criminality. In turn, 44% believed that such a development is unlikely.

Anxiety 43% of the respondents are related to possible poor health and difficulties in getting help or medicine. Every second (51%) Respondent is sure that health problems threatened it.

Conflicts within countries consider the likely 48% of respondents, the opposite is the viewpoint of 46% of respondents. The lower income fear 42% of Russians, while half (50%) of the respondents doubt that such an issue may not affect them.

A third (34%) of Russians assume that they may be in the disaster area, more than a quarter (26%) of respondents believe that in the current situation, they may lose their jobs.

The survey was conducted on 30-31 January among 1,600 people in 130 populated localities in 46 regions of the country.

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