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The potential of Ukraine are going to use for a nuclear war?

Потенциал Украины собираются использовать для ядерной войны?

Petro Poroshenko today begins a four-day visit to the United States of America, in which will take part in the summit on nuclear security.

Nuclear potential, nuclear production in recent years, increasingly heard on the lips of representatives of domestic politics. And — unlike all the promises made by our government to the people regarding, for example, improvement in the economic situation in the country, raising social benefits, restore order in the state data words incredibly quickly begin to turn into action.

Thus, recently, President together with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt visited trial run of a nuclear facility in Kharkiv. Now Poroshenko was invited to USA to participate in the summit regarding this topic. It became known today that Australia intends to provide Ukraine with uranium. The media has repeatedly raised the topic of the secret use of the Chernobyl zone for experimentation and nuclear waste disposal. Finally, in recent policy in one voice about the nuclear potential of the country, claiming that it must be developed.

The question arises — why is the topic given much attention in the period when the financial situation of the population is on the brink of disaster, the country was divided military conflict, social benefits cut, many industries are in a terrible state of disrepair and in need of attention, support and funding? What kind of nuclear capabilities can be discussed when there are so many areas in which we have to work in the first place? Given the volatile military situation in the world and the danger of nuclear war, the increasing intensity of development in the nuclear field in our territory particular concern.

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