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Nuclear summit Obama failed


Ядерный саммит Обамы провалился

The nuclear security summit in Washington failed, no final document is not accepted. This international project Obama (the politician promised to revolutionize the global collective security system) not one iota closer to a world safe existence. As you might expect, if the summit was held without Russia’s participation.

USA can not afford nuclear burden

What began in 2006 in St. Petersburg, as the global initiative to combat acts of nuclear terrorism (Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, GICNT), ten years ingloriously ended in Washington, as the US is headed for “isolating” Russia is the only country in the world that can destroy US in a nuclear war.

Even the main question of the summit — the production of a “dirty bomb” jihadists from vysokoobogashchennogo uranium (HEU) it is impossible to discuss without Moscow, because 90% of this “raw material” is manufactured in Russia and USA. Moscow is also a key partner of the United States to remove HEU from Russian-supplied reactors in third countries.

GICNT was launched by presidents Vladimir Putin and George Bush on the eve of the G8 summit in the presence of leaders in 85 countries. In 2009, who came to power Barack Obama has pledged to rid the world of “all vulnerable nuclear material within four years”. He had some success, get rid of the HEU 13 countries, but then his steps stopped to solve the problem of nuclear terrorism.

In 2013 the program was completed CTR (Cooperative Threat Reduction — “cooperative threat reduction”), which was engaged in the disposal of nuclear materials in the former Soviet space. USA over 20 years invested in the Russian nuclear disarmament more than eight billion dollars.

But by the beginning of 2014 Moscow has decided to disarm doesn’t want, because nuclear weapons is the only reliable shield in the global attack on its interests in the world. In addition, the Kremlin arranged that a nuclear weapon was disposed of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, and Russia — from its outdated nukes and acquired the latest technology for processing nuclear waste.

Instead of CNR, Rosatom and the U.S. Department of energy (DOE) signed an agreement on cooperation in the nuclear field. It concerned a wide range of issues — from nuclear non-proliferation to cooperation in the field of the peaceful atom — and provided, as a confidence building measure, the access of scientists of the Russian and U.S. nuclear laboratories each other.

But came “the Crimean spring” — and the DOE has banned the exchange of scientists, and the budget has been slashed funds to provide Russia assistance in the processing of nuclear materials. Russia did this help is not needed at all. As a result of joint projects in the field of security at 18 civilian facilities and upgrading of security systems at seven nuclear facilities “closed cities” of Russia have been cancelled. Moscow felt that the responsibility for establishing and maintaining a nuclear security regime within a state is exclusive of Russia.

What kind of things you can carry on without the main player, Russia?

“Since the United States is the only country that has used nuclear weapons, then Washington had a moral obligation to the world, said before the summit in Washington Obama. — However, no country can realize this vision alone. This should be a thing of the world.”

Well, then stop the isolation of the largest nuclear powers, and succeed. The US must understand that nuclear cooperation with Russia should be equal, that is, Russia should not be excluded from the developers of the agenda and making decisions, as was done before the summit in Washington.

Russia is inevitably a major player in most of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons due to its numerous competences: as one of the three guarantors of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT), a leading member of the Board of governors of the IAEA and a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

No issue of non-proliferation cannot be solved without the active support of Moscow. Among these problems and preventing the emergence of a “dirty bomb” ISIS and addressing the nuclear program of North Korea.

“The issue of nuclear security is very important. At the same time, Moscow believes that work on issues related to nuclear safety requires common and joint efforts”, — said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the opening of the summit.

Only then the world will be able to develop specialized agreements such as the Convention on the physical protection of nuclear material and the agreement between NATO and Russia on preventing nuclear incidents. It will be possible to give new impetus to the IAEA, for example, in the field of “accounting” accounting of nuclear materials. To create a joint intelligence task force on prevention of nuclear smuggling and terrorism, to make inspections of nuclear facilities were obligatory, regardless of the political situation and so on. This requires the exclusion of the influence of geopolitics on the issue of nuclear security.

And as a step of good will could Washington be advised to ratify, finally, the Treaty on comprehensive nuclear test-ban Treaty (CTBT). Obama called for this in the pages of The Washington Post. But will this next US administration? Time will tell.

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