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The philosophy of yoga

Yoga is not only a complex of physical exercises. And if you perceive it in such a narrow definition, then you will not be able to make great strides in its development.

Yoga changes not only our physical being but also the consciousness, attitude, priorities, worldview… And these changes, in turn, affect our health. And most importantly, you begin to feel this relationship.

If in everyday Affairs we act consistently – first finish one thing, and then proceed to another, changing lifestyles – this process is multidisciplinary and parallel. Running it, we feel like some changes and pulling others, and the whole mechanism starts to work more cohesively and consistently.

And it changes everything.

On the one hand, this is good and how much. You won’t be able to live still.

The fact is that when you start to feel, recognize how your thoughts affect your emotions and actions, and those, in turn, affect your mood, attitude to people, to life, and this, again, reflects on your life, on health, on feeling satisfaction with your life and yourself, you will become a different person – CONSCIOUS. And it means responsibility. And what you previously did was excusable, because you didn’t know what they were doing, from now on will be already impossible.

On the other hand, it’s great, because you will gain knowledge, self-control, the ability to affect your health, your destiny, and the ability to share this valuable experience with other people.

From now your life will change. It will become more meaningful, and conscious. Every conscious action changes the world for the better. Possibly by anything significant will happen, but change your internal perception of life. Disappear fear of death, fear of the unknown. You will feel eternal. Not in the sense of immortal, like a Highlander or a vampire from a Hollywood movie, but in a deeper sense.

You will feel that you, the person, being is multifaceted. Do you have a physical body, the energy associated with emotions, and finally, there is some unchanging core, the essence of which is self-awareness. And it is eternal. May change form, but not the essence. Feeling, feeling you can be filled with internal integrity and its relationship with God and the cosmos and with eternity. And your life after that will get a great deal of sense. And all your actions will be to increase the harmony around.

It is the aim of a yogi.

I don’t agree with those yoga adepts who talk a lot about reincarnation, karma, talk about their past lives. To some it may be interesting, but that’s not the point, not the point.

What is the meaning of karma? When you learn to feel the connection between your thoughts and actions and events in your life and destiny, you will understand how boomerang works. It is not necessary to wait for death to receive the reward. Sometimes this happens in life – in a few years, months or even days. You reap what you once sowed. This is karma. And realizing this mechanism, you simply cease to burden their karma, but rather begin to clear.

People with pure karma die with a light heart and with a sense of accomplishment. Then, whenever you wish.

I don’t like the extreme manifestations of fanaticism, when people are engaged in yoga, abandoning family, children, going to India, to Tibet, beginning to travel to Holy places etc.

I believe that if you were born in this country, in this location, in this family, then this is no accident. And your main task in life is right here and is related to these people. To escape from this problem – means to show weakness.

I hope you understand in theory what is the essence of yoga. But only when you begin to practise it, and on his experience, his body will experience all this, only then will you understand truly what I wanted to say to you.

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