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The pension Fund has put an end to the dispute Golodets and pension funds


The pension Fund of Russia reported that in 2015 the losses of citizens due to the transfer of their pension accumulations from one nongovernmental pension Fund (NPF) to another amounted to 4 billion rubles, reports RIA “Novosti”. Пенсионный фонд поставил точку в споре Голодец и пенсионных фондов

“The loss of citizens due to the early translation of the preliminary estimate is $ 3.8−4 billion rubles”, — stated in the RPF.

Loss, according to the representative, the FIU was formed in connection with applicable law, according to which the transfer of savings from one NPF to another occurs without investment income without investment fill loss.

While the FIU is concerned about the fate of the 50 billion rubles of pension savings that are in those pension funds, which were not included in the system of guaranteeing of safety of pension savings. Insurance of pension savings by the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA).

27 NPF engaged in OPS, still not entered into system of guaranteeing pension accumulation safety (DIA).
In these NPF should be, at least, to 49.4 billion rubles of pension savings, but the high probability that these pension funds lost for the citizens

Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

Yesterday was a hot debate between Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, SPC and the Bank of Russia on volumes of losses of pension savings.

Golodets said that the Russians lost in PPF 200 billion rubles, the National Association of pension funds (NAPF) has criticized Golodets reminded her of repeated withdrawal of pension savings, and the Bank of Russia in the end denied the words of Olga Golodets.

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