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The money is actually there, but they are not for everyone

Деньги на самом деле есть, но они есть не для всех
With all the discontent pitifully low pensions, which, of course, not enough even for medications, with all the problems, all the troubles of formal retirees are the only part of Russian society, against which the state has recognized their right to life. Here the Bolsheviks when, in the 18th year, when the country was in ruins, when there was a war when none of the Bolsheviks did not know, and does not hang on whether its next week, not shoot him in the street, can you imagine that, put forward the slogan “all the best to children”. Really all it was, was directed to children. Now the situation is reversed, the warranty is only for retirees. Yes, worthless, inadequate, weak, but only from pensioners. Why ? Because they regularly go to vote. For others, life is not guaranteed. And the most unprotected part of the society we have is youth, least of all go to the polls, they have all the spin doctors waved his hand, we do not yet have Obama, who can lead young people to the polls, and this means that they can not pay attention. Meanwhile, the liberals from the government of the leader of “United Russia” Medvedev continued to sneer above us. Mr Shuvalov said that it seems funny that someone buys an apartment at 20 meters
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